Friday, March 23, 2012

Blind Spots

So much drama at work this week - what is it about me that draws people to confess their innermost secrets?

While I do take some pleasure in it - I love the reaction I get from coworkers when they drop the latest gossip on me, only to I find out I already know more about it than they do - being the keeper of all that confidential information does wear on the soul. (FWIW, I never "spill" any data until the story’s out and about, though. And only if it helps add context to the story. It’s just not kosher, otherwise.)

I guess I missed my calling as a therapist - or a gossip columnist. (Well, I guess I’m kinda-sorta a gossip columnist…)

The latest clue about the next Vintage Club release is another vague one:
Hint #3: "Three points touching."
Hind hooves and the tail: still doesn’t rule out the Fighting Stallion. The rabble seems to be moving slowly to that conclusion too, though a not-small portion of them are now fixated on the old Mustang for some reason.

If the unique feature they’re thinking of is that it can be posed in more than one way - on its tail, or on its from hoof - well, I covered that already. I called it "multiple posability" when I discussed it here back in August of 2009. And the Mustang isn’t unique in that regard either - both the original Robin Hood and the Bucking Bronco have that feature, along with newer molds like the Nokota Horse and Rain.

Someone on Blab made a brilliant observation today, however, pointing out the little something we’ve all forgotten about: "Eagle", the G2 Rearing Arabian in the Appaloosa Performance Horse colorway.

You know, the little gift that Vintage Club members will be getting in the mail around the same time as the second release. Could he be the "Mini Me" of the Fighting Stallion in that color, complete with striped hooves and resist dappling?

Does it not make perfect sense? Especially in light of the overwhelming positive reception - and huge selling price - that the Proud Arabian Mare and Foal in the same colorway generated at the BreyerFest auction last year?

I don’t know how I could have missed so obvious an idea, especially since I totally love the APH colorway, Everyone has blind spots, and I guess that was mine!

Even if it turns out to be something completely different, they should still do it as a Web Special or as some sort of generic Collector’s Club "Special Offer." Good grief, I can’t imagine that not selling well.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, the APH colorway on the Fighter? That would be awesome (and I'm not even much of an appy fan, but I do love the old Breyer appies).