Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My schedule just changed this afternoon, so I’ll just do a little something on the current Web SR Paddy, today. I’ve been told that Paddy was among the SRs in the leaked photos, but it must have been one of the ones I missed. So my comments here are a little more off the cuff than you might imagine.

I think he’s rather cute and clever: a Cleveland Bay in Hunter Clip, with shamrocks and clovers stenciled/clipped on his behind? I find it a rather pleasing compromise between the realistic, and deco. I like it - moreso than any other colors I’ve seen on this mold other than the original Bay, and the Gloss Dark Dapple Gray Limerick SR for BreyerFest in 2008. (Yeah, I was one of those weirdos that wasn't all that into the King Arthur raffle model last year. Nice, but no big whoop for me.)

Are people complaining about him? Of course they are. If my cursory skimming of the discussions about him last night are correct, it appears many hobbyists are only entering on the hope that they’ll win the "Pot O’ Gold" variation in buckskin. Because having a unique, one-of-a-kind model is just so the thing right now.

(If there’s any one topic in model horsedom that I have less interest in, it’s the whole Peter Stone factory custom, whatever-they’re-calling-it-now program. If it’s not production, or preproduction, it’s a custom. Which I find interesting only in "gauging what’s trendy in the hobby now" sort of way. And even then, not so much. But, I digress.)

This is only setting themselves up to be even more disappointment down the road, since there’s only one out of a lottery that has only 223 winners in the first place.

(BTW: I refuse to use the term OOAK. It looks like something my dog would type. And knowing the little snot the way I do, she so would.)

I am just glad he is not some shade of green. While I love the color green - it’s the color I use most often in my quilts, bar none - I’m rather particular with it when it comes to horses. I'm just not into it unless they go full Decorator with it, a la a "Jade", or do it as a Transculent.

Or it happens to be a honest-to-goodness Christmas Decorator. (Which would be moot, because I probably would fall over dead at the shock of finding of it in the first place.)

I only have one Cleveland Bay so far - the Limerick. I wouldn’t mind another - whatever color it happens to be.


Anonymous said...

I ]entered for Paddy and hope I get him. I think he's cute and I love that breyer was clever in making it realistic but still have a theme. I am disappointed in all of the whining currently going on at Breyer's Facebook page. Can't afford it or don't like it? Don't buy it!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea myself...so I only care that I win one, not what color he is.

GWR said...

For the first time I regret not being able to afford one of the web SRs. I love the mold, and I think the shamrocks being part of a "clip" is a great idea. Much more original and creative than just a green horse or "pinto" markings.

Anonymous said...

Oh but the complaining on Blab is a great drinking game. Make a list of who you expect to complain before you read the thread. Then take a drink every time one of them does. Bonus drinks if you get them in order and if you predict what they will say.

The game also works on the "I can't get the Breyer website to work" threads.

Anonymous said...

Tee Hee! That's funny!