Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fall Dealer Special, and Facebook

Something no so substantial today; I got maybe two hours of sleep last night, due to work. The only things keeping me from slipping into a semi-conscious state are a half a can of Diet Dr. Pepper and a blueberry muffin. (FWIW, the muffin was homemade. And delicious.)

So it appears that Reeves will be attempting another Fall Dealer Special this year, one exclusive to "Brick and Mortar" stores (ones with actual storefronts, and not just online presences): a Glossy Palomino Appaloosa Esprit.

The details are vague, and obviously incomplete: each "store" will be limited to 18 pieces. But does that limit apply to each location, or for each business entity? (Note: I’m not dealer, and have no pretensions of ever having a storefront beyond renting a booth at the local antique mall.)

I was apprehensive at first when I heard it was going to be another Esprit: oh great, another super-limited Esprit I won’t be able to see, much less own. However, the fact that the 2009 Glossy Sherman Morgan "Autumn" wasn’t as hard to come by as many initially feared (after the initial "OMG-Gotta-Have-It" freakout), gives me some hope that the piece count on him will be in the more attainable range, too.

(One of my local stores still had an Autumn Sherman on the shelves, before Christmas. Haven’t been back to that part of town lately, so I don’t know if it’s still there.)

There are no photos, and no official data to go by, except for that one little bit posted on a dealer’s Facebook page. Even though it’s little more than a rumor at this point, hobbyists are already attempting to get on dealer wait lists for it.

I thought the Gray Appaloosa Esprit from the Benefit Auction last year was pretty spiffy, and I imagine the Palomino version of that would not be any less so. If I manage to score one somehow, great - but I won’t worry about it in the meantime.

Since I have a little space and time, and still feel reasonably coherent, now seems like a good time to elaborate a little bit on my policy regarding Facebook.

I don’t have an account - and I don’t intend to, unless I either become famous, or get a job that would require it. (Either scenario? Unlikely.) I’ve had some identity theft issues in the past: my first inclination is to not put too much of myself "out there". A site that’s dedicated to doing that? So not going there.

But the main reason why is because that’s not how I use the Internet. As someone who jumped feet first into that ocean well over a decade ago, Facebook feels like a wading pool. I have a blog, two e-mail addresses, and several forum accounts: I barely have time to do what I already need to do, much less update my status every couple of hours, or approve friend requests from people I didn't particularly like in high school.

The only time I do interact with it is through publicly available pages that might actually have information that I may find both useful and reliable (hence the link to the Breyer Facebook page, to the right.) There’s not a whole lot of that on Facebook (the above link also includes some amusing misinformation about the Pink Elephant. Only three others in existence? I don’t think so, darlin’.)

Anything you really need to know about me will either be here, or via my domain, whenever I get around to working on that. (‘Tis a sad thing right now - all it does it redirect you here.)

(I will admit that I’ve been Twitter-curious, of late. Only because the notion of live-tweeting BreyerFest amuses me. "Entering NPOD. Mortal Kombat!")


BreyerRose said...

Oh DO tweet BreyerFest this year. I will actually get on Twitter for that and I don't do that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with BreyerRose - it's about time someone tweeted from Breyerfest! An idea whose time has definitely come!