Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Pretties

Looks like no Valentine’s Day Special for me. I’m okay with it; more money to pay the bills instead. (And my Glossy Joey should be coming soon!) I wasn’t planning on buying much before flea market season begins in April, anyway. Not that that plan is working all that well:

Found these at the local Salvation Army about a week ago. It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t visited the store since before Christmas, so I stopped in on my way home one night to see if anything new and interesting had come in. (Well, duh.)

They were cheap - and on sale - so of course I had to rescue them. They were being used as decorations in the "designer" section of the shoe department, a high traffic area frequented by overly enthusiastic shoe fanatics and their daughters, both playing dress up.

("Designer" shoes are the ones that’ll set you back more than ten bucks, but less than 25. The "fancy-expensive" ones that go for more than that they lock up in the jewelry cases. Truth!)

My fifteen minutes of Internet research has determined that they were made by this outfit, and are (or were) apparently worth at least a little bit of money:


I probably won’t be keeping either one; I was already considering doing a little herd culling in the next few months - when I can find the time, ha! - so it’s straight into "inventory" for these pretties. I won’t be planning to sell them until BreyerFest, since they’re kind of heavy, and a bit on the delicate side. I have no idea what I’ll be asking for them, yet.

Speaking of …

Aside from the strange selection of the Stretched Morgan as the Early Bird Special, what’s troubling me most is that they’ve changed the time, day and location of some well-established events. With the information not being as readily available as it used to be, I fear a lot of semi-regular attendees may try to fly on autopilot this year, with the usual consequences.

Let’s see. The auction now appears to be Friday afternoon, not Saturday night, and there’s not one, but two costume/dress up "contests." One of those contests is just before a Beatles tribute concert Saturday night - well after all of the other festivities are done for the day, which presumes we all go about our business for a couple hours in the meantime - fueling up, dressing up, and shopping up.

Oy, vey! And I thought the scheduling last year was a headache.

Not too keen on Reeves now scheduling major events on both Friday and Saturday night: that seriously cuts into our shopping/socializing time. The Ninja Pit, Raffles, and Contests are fun and all, but it ain’t BreyerFest if I can’t spread gossip among my minions and root around body boxes for misidentified treasures.


Anonymous said...

Dang it! I check this blog to get away from the whining and complaining on Blab and Fallen Leaves. And now you're whining. I need to find a new place where people talk about pretty ponies without the "Breyer is trying to personally screw me over" vibe. It makes you wonder why Breyer even tries.

CleverPet said...

whats the ninja pit of death ?