Monday, January 2, 2012

A Draft of Champagne

Okay, now this is getting ridiculous. My next grail search didn’t even last the weekend.

Dang, I’m gonna have to start dreaming bigger. I’m not a gambling person, at all, but the next time a friend or coworker asks me if I want to go to the casino, I’m taking them up on the offer.

(You’ll have to wait a little longer than a weekend, however, before you find out who this latest grail was. He ain’t here yet, anyway.)

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a picture of the possible BreyerFest Store Special for this year: a champagne buckskin Goffert!

I say possible because the wording on the web site about it is open to interpretation:
Villa Vanners is proud to announce that Taskin has been chosen to be a limited edition Breyer model. He will be appearing at Breyerfest British Invasion next July.
He could just as easily be a Line Special, Web Special, or even a Mid-Year, based on that description.

If he really is going to be the Store Special, he’ll definitely go over better than last year’s bland little Dusty. A big, fluffy draft horse in an unusual color? Duh. If he looks as promising as he sounds, I might even get one myself.

The usual suspects are making the usual grumping and harumping noises (Gypsy Vanners are a scam! It’s not a British Breed! I hate Goffert!), but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to pay less attention to the negativity in the hobby, and in life in general. I’m not going to turn into a Pollyanna by any means, but good grief, some of the stuff I’ve been seeing in the model horse community over the past month or so is enough to make me consider joining a religious order.

(What’s up with everyone wanting to sue everyone else, all of a sudden?)

Sometimes a pretty horsie is just a pretty horsie. Nothing wrong with that.

I already made some changes to my diet and lifestyle last month, so I’m thinking about something a little more nebulous in the resolution department. I liked the discipline I developed during NaNoWriMo, so I might apply the same working regimen to other unfinished business here. (Quilting and sewing this month, I think.)

I’ll also like to take a bit of a mental breather from the horse stuff. It’s not going to affect anything here; it’s more a matter of slightly refocusing and compartmentalizing, creating a space my personal life where the horses need not intrude.

Sometimes it’s good to get away from the horses once and a while, too.


Anonymous said...

Who is gonna sue somebody? Where? When?

I always miss out on the scandals...

GWR said...
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GWR said...

Oooh, Goffert looks spiffy in that color. I hope he's readily available, I have a model NASD breeding program who could use a buckskin stud.

Anonymous said...

Goffert is one that I'm not sure if I like or not - his pose definitely thrills the little girl in me (who got tired of making the standing horses "gallop" across the carpet), yet I haven't seen a color that really shines... until this one. I'm really considering him (provided he is attainable, that is).

bubbasmom said...

I always miss the scandals, too! Spill, please;^)

I'm not thrilled with the Goffert mold, either, although I do like the Christmas horse on that mold (that's the only one I own, btw). But it'll at least be a little something different.

Julie said...

Don't let the gossiping hens [who btw rarely have anything positive to say.] get to you. I'm happy to hear about new models, but if I don't like the model...guess what? I don't buy it. Honestly I wonder if other hobbiest understand that concept? [that and the fact that not everyone shows] Oh and congrats on your newst grail.

ANDREA said...

The complaining goes on everywhere. Blab is sort of a compendium of the current outrages du jour, all neatly filed for one's convenience.

Actually, I think Haynet's been way crankier than Blab, lately. Every time I wander over there, I get a distinct "Old Man Yells at Cloud" vibe.

Anonymous said...

Blab gets a bad rap because it's way more active than other hobby boards, so you're going to have more griping (just base don volume of traffic).

There's a lot of griping, but there's a lot of good, too. Sadly, people only focus on the griping when they go on their anti-Blab crusades.

Anonymous said...

The only thing good about Blab is that there are other forums available.