Friday, December 23, 2011

More Condition Issues

I sometimes joke that if I were any more clumsy than I already am, I’d qualify for a handicapped parking permit.

Well, just to let you know, I’ve fallen down the steps twice now, in three days. Nothing damaged, as far as I can tell, but I already have a rather high threshold for pain (on account of the clumsiness) so I might not be the best judge.

My Silver Filigree Weather Girl also survived a slight tumble, fortunately while still boxed. (It wasn’t me, I swear.) I have to say that I’m liking these new shipping boxes Reeves is using now. They’re a lot strong than they look, and a lot sturdier than the ones they were using previously, which looked and felt like they were made out of recycled paper towels. They are a bit snug in the size department, though. I know they’ve got size requirements to meet, but an extra half-inch here or there would definitely inspire a little more confidence.

While we’re on the topic, look what just happened to show up on eBay this week - a 1979 Lady Phase, with some interesting condition issues:

1979 Lady Phase

Before y’all get super-upset with the hobbyist in question, let me remind you that things were a little different back then. Making alterations - adding or removing markings, or tweaking the mold - wasn’t that big a deal back then. Even I did it: I will not go into detail, but I did some unspeakable things to an SR Red Roan Running Mare.

We were all young and kinda dumb. Plus, you know, there were a bunch of different buckskin Lady Phases floating around, and we didn’t bother trying to distinguish between them until much later, when we realized, duh, that some of them really were sorta rare. (And I didn’t realize that the Running Mare was an SR one until the damage was done.)

It looks like the latest NAMHSA controversy has flamed out. As expected, it was much ado about nothing. Not nothing nothing, but blown out of proportion to the actual incident. More proof that an e-mail list is good for nonlinear information (announcements, requests, questions that do not require lengthy answers) and not for anything that requires follow through, or follow up (debates, discussions, socializing.)

Just to clarify, the kind of web site or hub I’m envisioning probably wouldn’t include a discussion forum. Discussion forums are good for the things that e-mail lists generally are not (debating-discussing-socializing), but not so great with handling nonlinear information, especially when topics start to drift.

It’s the nonlinear information that I’m most concerned about: news and general information that should be available to most people - hobbyists and nonhobbyists alike - with just a click or two, without any further involvement or commitment. The bulk of it would include announcements about special runs, contests, live shows, volunteer opportunities, real horse stuff of specific interest to hobbyists, model horses in the media, etc.

(I'm not sure articles on more narrowly defined topics would be necessary, or helpful, at least in the beginning.)

The rest of it would be devoted to promoting the hobby online, especially to the hobby-curious, with general information of what the hobby is about, what it entails, and where to go for more information. The sort of thing I imagined that NAMHSA should have been doing from the onset, rather than going all in on a national show, instead.

If we want to get serious about making the hobby to grow and prosper, we need to make the online hobby presence less intimidating to newbies, and easier to navigate.


Anonymous said...

She's a cutie, I'd buy her if I had the funds. Yeah, it's a defaced rare SR, but at least the customizing is reasonably well executed. (I may have nightmares about your SR red roan Running Mare, though).

Ack! I'm glad you're OK, but no more falling down the stairs, plzthx! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the Lady Phase like that! Very interesting.

I don't understand why Blab seems to have more folks than FL. On FL you don't have to put up with the snobbery that Blab perpetuates.

ANDREA said...

If it's any consolation, I happen to fall down and/or injure myself on a frequent basis during the year. The incidents usually don't happen within days of each other, though.

It's partly a consequence of a mild birth defect, but mostly I think it's an inherited trait. My Grandma Kuhl's clumsiness was the stuff of legend.

I sold that Running Mare years ago, but if I should ever find her again (presumably, in a body box) I'll definitely buy her back.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - there isn't any more or less snobbery on Blab than on FL - I personally think FL is worse in that regard. You get people posting there about how much they dislike Blab and how horrible it is... then you see the exact same people on Blab acting like everyone's best friend. There is a less popular model horse forum that features a gal who posts EVERY SINGLE DAY about how she's given up on Blab and can't stand it, yet EVERY SINGLE DAY she's posting on Blab. I mean, lots of hypocrites on both sides of the fence, but buying into something that has been perpetuated over and over by people who like to play the two-faced game isn't right either.

Not to mention some of Blab's most outspoken critics are those who were banned from Blab, and for good reason. Posting pron in the Secret Santa forums, using terrible slurs and then acting like it was a huge joke and everyone needs to lighten up - yeah, not sorry to see those people gone.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone banned on Blab was for good reason. There may be a side of that that you are not aware of, no matter how you think you know "both sides" of the story.

I just think that certain rules are not evenly distributed amongst the various members.