Monday, October 24, 2011

BreyerWest, Mostly

My JAH arrived today. I haven’t finished rifling through it yet, though from what I’ve read so far, my suspicions about the content of the online discussions seem to be right - as in, a lot of the information being discussed isn’t.

So there’s going to be two more Web Specials by the end of the year - one on a favorite mold (a Decorator Nokota Horse) and another in a favorite color (Silver Filigree Weather Girl)? I wouldn’t mind either, but I suspect I will be getting neither. Nothing to do with my finances - where there’s a will, there’s a way and all that - it’s just that my luck with the Web Special program hasn’t been so good lately.

I don’t even want to imagine what the aftermarket prices on a Silver Filigree Weather Girl are going to be. The prices I’m seeing on the BreyerWest Volunteer Glossies are scary enough.

So they put a different tail on the Roxy mold, for Fontana? Hmm. I wasn’t super-keen on the original tail, but it did reflect the character of the horse it was modeled after. A different tail might be more in line with what’s in fashion in the show ring, but I tend to prefer models that have a more specific - as opposed to a more generic - character to them.

I’d have to see one in person before I pass judgment. It might be a while; with all of the other programs and Special Runs coming up in the next couple of months, it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll be picking up one of the leftovers. (I’m assuming there were - I haven’t heard otherwise, but I might not have been looking in the right places.)

In other BreyerWest news, Reeves cut back on the show awards, and gave out plain old unglossed Regular Run models to Sectional Champs and Reserves - the horror! (Glosses were still awarded to the Overall Champs and Reserves.) Needless to say, that ticked off a few showers, who evidently thought they were entitled to such things; their kvetching about it apparently helped sour the mood of everyone within earshot.

All I can say is that it’s about time they cut back on those awards; all they’ve done is drawn out the worst in some hobbyists, who have done some very devious things in the past to win. This change is something I’ve been advocating for years, and it looks like a lot of other hobbyists are coming around to my line of thinking, too.

The only mistake they made was in not announcing the change in the program earlier. The way the awards were advertised - as "special Breyer awards" - left a little too much open to interpretation.

Whether this is a preview of downgraded awards to come at BreyerFest, I don’t know. Still, I think something should be done. If not Regular Runs, then something else.

For instance, I wouldn’t mind a modified version of the current program, but with an identical range of prizes awarded at all three shows, rather than three different sets of awards. Sure, that would "up" the piece count on all of the awards, making them slightly less rare and/or valuable, but they’d still have the cachet of being exclusive to the show. A program like that might have the additional benefit of cutting down on the de facto proxy showing a bit.

Or how about coupons redeemable for Breyer merchandise, like Green Stamps. One more Sectional Reserve, and I can get an Equestral Crystal horse! (LOL - could you imagine the little booklet they’d have to include in the show packet for that?)

As you can tell, I've obviously had way too much sugar today. Darn Lemon-Walnut Zucchini Muffins.


Anonymous said...

I would have been happy with a rosette and a certificate tbh. What a bunch of spoiled, whiny brats hobbyists can be.

Mmm, zucchini baked products. I will need to find a recipe for your muffins, they sound lovely.

Julie said...

I'm happy to see a simple printed out paper ribbon by my horse at a live show. To hear this childish whining is just unbearable and should not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Or how about like real horse shows where they award blankets, trucks, and trailers? Those would be really cool!

Anonymous said...

Breyer blankets, trucks, and trailers, I mean. Not real ones. :p

Sin said...

That Blab thread is absolutely ridiculous. I haven't been to a live show in years, and wanted to go to BW, but couldn't afford either the cost or the time off. I don't even have anything to show right now, since I've only just gotten back into customizing models. And here are these people with top-notch collections and the time and money to go to a show, and they're bitching because they didn't get the shiny horsie this time? Hell, I already have a Zenyatta and I would not turn up my nose at a free one. I could sell it or even customize it. I really don't understand the people who make fun hobbies into such SRS BZNS.

bubbasmom said...

Well, I can't wait to see your take on this last JAH!!

ANDREA said...

Mom made the muffins, so I'm not sure where she found the recipe. Her recipe collection is bigger than my reference library - no joke! She made this pasta dish today that had a tapenade as one of its main ingredients, and OMG it was so good!

I can understand being a bit PO'ed that the showholder knew about the change in the prize program ahead of time and didn't disclose it, but then again, hobbyists really should know better than to make assumptions based on really vague statements. (I fall into that trap all the darn time!)

Personally, I'm digging my Green Stamps idea more and more, especially if they award stamps for placings down to tenth. That way even if you don't do well enough to get a Champ of some sort, you could still earn enough points to redeem them for a nice regular run Traditional or two. Or a nice bunch of Stablemates. "Free" bodies, woot!

I'd probably be a little too complicated to implement, though - even after all these years, there are still people who don't quite understand the concept of the BF Tent Specials. But I think it's still a worthwhile thought experiment. Something's gotta change.

Anonymous said...

OK, blond moment here, but what's the 3rd show they do glossies for? Is it the QH Congress show? I always thought it was just Bfest and Bwest.

Anonymous said...

I am going to respectfully disagree with you all, and here's why: any shows held in conjunction with any of Breyer's events are also an opportunity for Breyer. They are A LOT of work for the hobbyists who participate AND they are absolutely the toughest model horse competition because all of the top collections show in them. Breyer has the caveat of having ambassadors from every era of their products available to see and be seen, as well as be photographed for their promotional purposes. Exhibitors doing the shows miss out on a LOT of event to do the shows, so they should be treated to something special to award their efforts. Take away the prizes and I'm sure the shows' attendance and quality will deflate accordingly. People can chase scraps of ribbon and kudos closer to home where other fun isn't going on.