Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paying For It

More bad news from the dentist; so much for me paying off the credit card from BreyerFest early. No new horses for me for a long while!

On the plus side, I’ll be getting a discount on my next visit. Provided I wear the Princess Beatrice costume to the office.

No, I’m not joking. Hey, I put a lot of effort into that outfit, I’m gonna make it pay!

I did have one new arrival this week (purchased pre-dentist); you’ve probably already seen it, but I just wanted to confirm your suspicions about who ended up with him:

The #114 "Bay" (Five-Gaiter Sorrel) Western Prancing Horse, with the Transitional Saddle. Isn’t he purty? He’s absolutely immaculate, as if someone pulled him straight out of his shipper box.

His near flawless condition leads me to believe he came from the factory that way, though it’s impossible to say. Sure, the saddle doesn’t really fit, but we’re talking a Breyer of mid-1960s vintage here: whether something was in scale or not was pretty low on their list of priorities back then.

(All four legs intact? Check. Ears not chipped? Check. Reins attached? Check. Saddle? Oops!)

Funny how the two Transitional Saddle models I’ve seen on eBay have both been on Western Prancing Horses, and not the Western Horse itself. It’s definitely something worth noting, though it’ll have to take a couple more examples before it rises about the level of mere coincidence.

You probably saw the price I had to pay for him, too. Not expensive, but also not as cheap as I had hoped, either. (Partly my own fault, but we'll talk about that some other day.) On the other hand, it is that time of the year when I buy myself one or two small horse-shaped luxuries on eBay, budget be darned. I was lucky enough to still have a little bit of money in the Paypal account to cover it, this time.

Not a bad little item to "end" the year on, I suppose. Outside of whatever I happen to find at the flea market, antique mall or thrift stores.

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