Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Proof that Spring is Coming

The flea market is still a month away from opening, but cool stuff is starting to show up elsewhere. Look at what I found at the local Salvation Army Store:

A Hagen-Renaker mini Greyhound, and a later re-release of the sitting Siamese cat "Sookie." I've taken quite a shine to Sookie, and find myself yelling a Bill Compton-style "Sook-ayh!" ever time I walk into my office. (When does the new season of True Blood start, anyway?) Sookie's gotta couple of small chips on her right ear, but I'm totally okay with that. I sorta prefer that my chinas come pre-damaged. Less pressure on clumsy ol' me.

The Greyhound is mint, which would be awesome if I wasn't so worried about the Vita Monster taking him out. Aside from the ongoing issues we have with her very, very loose definition of what's edible, she's also figured out how to open doors and bypass doorstops. (Not so much intelligence at work, as deviousness.)

My topic for today was going to be something Hagen-Renaker related, but my computer has apparently caught something, and rendered all my work on that fabulous post totally unusable.

I also caught something myself - whatever yuckiness everyone else at work's been getting (the details of which you need not concern yourselves, my friends.) The fact that I gave up candy for Lent probably didn't help either. I'm so craving some Swedish Fish right now...


Little Black Car said...

Aargh! Our thrift stores never have stuff like that!

BreyerRose said...

Of course Breyer is adding yet another Special offering called Spring Has Sprung....We eagerly await your comments on that one!

The Demon's Kat said...

The 3rd season of trueblood is going to be released May 31st..the 4th season should start airing on HBO in early June.

Also I can't wait for fleamarkets and I love all the info you always have on breyers!