Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gloss Palomino

I was going to adopt a LA LA LA CAN’T SEE YOU approach here to the Sunshine Celebration Whatsit down in Florida, and mostly I have. But I have to at least laugh and point at a particularly amusing sentence on the Facebook page regarding one of the event’s Special Runs of "Key Largo & Key West:"

Pictures do not do justice to this breaktaking pair.

Breaktaking? Awesome. Henceforth, I shall refer the act of taking a break at work as breaktaking. As in, "Sorry, I can’t help you, I’m breaktaking."

What makes the sentence even better is the tacit admission that they know they have some issues in the photography department. "They’re much better in person - trust us!" Yeah, we know that. We know it so well that some of us are beginning to wonder if it’s been a part of the marketing program all along.

It does seem a little weird to me to see two Gloss Palomino releases announced in the space of a week - and possibly a third, if the rumors of Gloss Finishes on the Weather Girls comes to pass. It’s either a crazy coincidence, or someone in the design department at Reeves has Palomino on the brain.

Gloss Palomino hasn’t gotten as much attention as other vintage colors, like Charcoal. We haven’t been totally bereft of Gloss Palomino in recent years - the 2004 Collector’s Edition Old Timer "Noddy," comes to mind, as a particular favorite - but they’ve generally been few and far between.

I’m totally okay with the current Gloss Palomino fixation. The Othello "Pamplemousse" - the upcoming JAH Special Run, in pale palomino sabino - looks almost good enough to eat in that color. (I do love grapefruit.) I don’t have many Othello models, mostly because he takes up as much real estate as a mid-1970s Cadillac, but that one might be coming home with me.

Don’t know how the "taking orders prior to production" thing is going to work out, though. It’s a good idea in theory - making just enough to fill orders, with a few spares for damages - but I have a bad feeling that it will be a matter of a month or two before we’re barraged with complaints about the long delivery time.

(I used to make fun of all those reading comprehension tests we had to take in school. How can anyone know how to read, and not know what they’re reading about? Alas, the Internet - and some segments of the online model horse community - quickly disabused me of that notion.)


Christi said...

The JAH blurb said pretty clearly (as I recall, without going downstairs to fetch mine) that Pamplemousse will ship on/around October 15. So we've got about 6 months before the complaining starts. :)

May order one myself, since he's shipping on/around my birthday. It's a sign!!

Erika said...

Quite right. A 1992 literacy survey found that "Nearly 50% of the Americans surveyed cannot read well enough to find a single piece of information in a short publication, nor can they make low level inferences based on what they read."

Stockstill Stables said...

Its that 6month wait thats putting me off of ordering him. Why spend that much on a model to wait 6months for him? I've about decided to just order a create-a-horse from Stone. Get the mold I want in the colors I want with a much shorter wait

ANDREA said...

Anyone remember that epic thread on Blab about the first Grab Bags, that descended into every third post being a request for information on how order them?

Or how about the current spate of people asking how the Treasure Hunts work? (Seriously, how hard is it to read what's printed on the fripping box?)

So yeah, my level of confidence in the reading abilities of some of my fellow hobbyists is not high.

Anonymous said...

Stockstill - you don't even have to pay now - they won't process payment until the end of September. Guess Andrea was right, people don't read or understand anything.

Anonymous said...

well thats not all togather true either,,if you pay by any of the other order for example,and if you pay by check how long will those be good for..the deadline for sending payment in is in may,thats about 4 months..are checks good that long...

Anonymous said...

How about you literacy Nazis take your argument straight to Reeves, who sends notices with long, boring, run-on paragraphs? How about that?