Monday, May 22, 2023

Into the Unicorniverse

Had a lovely time at Motor City Comic Con this Saturday, wish you were there. I’d post the only picture I had taken, but I suspect a lot of you may have no idea who Run-DMC is.

(It was a moment and I had to do it. Three Stripe Life!)

It was definitely better attended than last year; there were times on the convention floor when I couldn’t move. I did buy a few things, including this lovely, and very BreyerFest-adjacent piece of art on an authentic piece of papyrus!

I bought a couple similar ones to take to BreyerFest for people who might want a little something extra to go with their Speos; I’m not getting a Speos myself, unless something changes and an extra ticket magically happens. 

I almost bought a lightsaber, too, but I didn’t have enough walking around cash at that point, and that booth was absolutely mobbed anyway. Maybe for Christmas…

I’m also getting the notion that I should cosplay there next year. (More on that another time, if it ever becomes more than a notion.)

Like Worldcon, I was struck by the notion that Reeves would have done well with a booth here (at any comic con, really) selling their Unicorns and other fantasy-affiliated creatures. There’s always been a lot of fandom overlap between general “nerd” culture and “model horse” culture, you might as well make it official!

Speaking of unicorns, when I bought my Blue Roan Brabant the other day, I also bought the “Sparkling Splendor” Deluxe Unicorn Collection, because I guess I needed more Metallic Stablemates Unicorns in my life:

What I love about this set is that they went through the effort of not just naming every Unicorn in the “herd”, but they gave them a little backstory, too: 

Assuming that genetics in Breyer’s Unicorniverse follow the color wheel, I’m guessing that the leader of this particular “herd” is the purple Fireheart “Trifle” and not the silvery Mini Carrick “Esteem”. 


Anonymous said...

As a fan of hip hop, I'm well aware of Run-DMC

ANDREA said...

Half the people I showed the picture to at work did not, including my boss!

Anonymous said...

I've been to multiple science fiction conventions and I personally do not see any overlap between the two hobbies...even Star Wars is shunned for the most part as being "not true science fiction".

Model horses would be considered too girly...most of those people think of them like Barbie horses or my little ponies.

Corky said...

Anonymous #2: I can easily think of half a dozen model-horse hobbyists who are also heavily involved in science-fiction/superhero/anime fandom; given time, I'm sure I could come up with a lot more. We name our models (and in at least two cases I know of, our stables) after characters, places in the genre, or after the shows/books themselves, among other things.

In March of 2020, the third Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress was planned to happen during AllCon in Texas; unfortunately, since the space we had was only available on a Friday, we weren't able to get enough attendance to hold the show. As luck would have it, the con itself was closed down after the first day due to the Covid-19 lockdown. That's the only model-horse event that I know of that was supposed to happen at a con; there may have been other successful ones that I haven't heard of.