Thursday, January 13, 2022

Something Sweet

There aren’t a lot of Beyer Equines that have a textured coat, and most of them are Foals, so I assumed that the sneak peek they gave us a couple days ago was a Misty. The mold is currently in production, and they’ve given us a couple of Decorator Misty releases for BreyerFest already: the original Florentine Raffle model in 1990, and the 2014 Silver Filigree Time to Party!

The only other molds that have a textured finish are Wildlife molds, and surely they couldn’t be giving us another crazy Decorator Animal so soon after the release of Montana?

I have never been more delighted to be completely wrong:

At last, a German Food-related Special Run I am on board with! (Seriously, “German Cuisine” is an oxymoron and I am dying on that hill. Marzipan? Dude?)

I did think they were considering a Gummi Bear Special Run, but I thought it’d be something Stablemates-related, and that we’d get stuck with another bovine as our Nonhorse release, like an Aurochs cobbled together from a Charolais Bull and the horns of a Brahma Bull. 

(I have been told that the Rin Tin Tin/German Shepherd mold is nonfunctional, so it was probably never an option. But they brought back the In-Between Mare, so who knows these days...)

These guys are so well done that I’ve shown them to a couple of non-hobbyists, who automatically assumed that they were actually edible. The only thing that would blow my mind more about these guys would be if they did offer an edible option, which I would also buy but feel slightly guilty about eating, but only partly because of the calories.

My only minor disappointment about the gummi Bear Cubs is that they didn’t include Orange or my favorite flavor, Pineapple. It wouldn’t surprise me if they do throw in a complete set of flavors into either the Silent or Live Auctions, though. 

The Bear Cub was last seen at BreyerFest in 2014 on the Kodiak and Denali set, which also included a Silver Charm Micro Run that I was not fortunate enough to get because I just don’t. 

I am a little apprehensive about the “scented” part; I am assuming that the smell is going to be on par with “New Horse Smell” in that it will be pretty potent when you unwrap them, and barely noticeable a week later.  


EllOnWheels said...

I really want to see what they mean by "special packaging"... If they're not in a large bag with an manipulated logo that says "Horsibo" instead of "Haribo", then we've all missed an opportunity. lol

Alex said...

I think these are great! Adorable and so clever.

Anonymous said...

just super bummed it wasn't the Shepherd. A gal can dream.

Nihil Melius said...

When I saw the peek, my first thought was the Haribo Gummibars I recently purchased as a Christmas gift, but everyone else was saying Misty, so I assumed that I was wrong. Haven't they experimented with scented models in the past? BTW, my favorite flavor is pineapple, too.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the tellow one isn't pineapple?

timaru star ii said...

Am I correct in thinking these bears are Breyer's second-ever release of Non-Equine clearware? The first being Taima, the buffalo, in 2010.