Thursday, September 19, 2019

Manure Occureth

Just a few odds and ends today; I was prepping my next quilt project and discovered it needed way more repairs than I anticipated....

First, I am not as enamored of the latest Test Color as everyone else:

Oh, he’s certainly pretty, but it’s not my favorite shade of Chestnut. If he was a Black Chestnut, or something similar to the Web Special Muir Woods Gloss Red Chestnut, I’d be twisting arms for more entries. As it is, I’ll just be content with my single account.

Incidentally, the Five-Gaiter was not an uncommon Test Color subject in the 1970s and 1980s; he was a much more popular mold back then, before the arrival of much more elegant Traditional-scale representatives of the breed.

(I still haven’t gotten one yet, but if the opportunity ever arose…)

Some Ollie’s Discount Stores have overstock of the Walmart Series 2 Horse Crazy Gift Collection that featured the Bay Django and Grulla Cob/Tushar. The store that’s within reasonable driving distance to my house, alas, doesn’t appear to be one of them.

(I already have the set: I just wanted to see them in the wild.)

The BreyerFest 2019 Leftovers are up; they’ve been up for a few days, but the announcement e-mail finally went out today. So far it appears to only be the “swag” – t-shirts, bottles, bags, hats, whatnot. No word on the Classics, Stablemates Sets or Store Specials (I think Rico was the only one of the Store Specials actually left over?)

Apparently there’s some consternation about the new Unicorn Foals Zoe and Zander. The banner ad and e-mail notification showed a resist/splatter-dappled pair:

But the web site – and apparently, the actual models themselves – are solid:

This doesn’t bother me that much. In fact, I consider it pretty much par for the course: Breyer has a long history of production models not matching their promotional photos. I think my personal favorite mismatch was the Black Appaloosa Scratching Foal with four stockings. His original promo pic from the 1970 Dealer’s Catalog insert:

Looked for that little bugger for years before finally surrendering! (“as shown” – my butt!)

You’d think that the production process would be more streamlined now, and that errors like this could be caught more quickly and corrected.

This might be true, but the same streamlined process that can catch errors doesn’t mean deadlines don’t get missed. In fact, the possibility of being able to change something at the last minute often leads to changes at the last minute – and inevitably, things still get overlooked.

Or, as one of my favorite BreyerFest t-shirts says: Manure Occureth

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