Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Teeny Boxes

Yesterday was a wash in many ways, but this cheered me up a little:

I was a wee bit skeptical about the boxes, and figured they’d go with a plastic insert like they’ve done before – beginning with the very first Stablemates releases back in 1975.

But dang it guys, it really is a teeny-tiny replica of the larger boxes – and it is super-duper cute! You do not know (and don’t want to know!) how much I needed a bit of cuteness in my life yesterday.

It’s interesting that these boxes were designed to have bar codes, especially since these are direct-order, club exclusive pieces:

It could be related to their inventory practices, but what it suggests to me is that these boxes might be used for retail packaging later on. (Or BreyerFest?)

They’ve already done something similar before, for the Translucent Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Horse on the G2 Morgan mold. However, that was a one-off for a special promotion, while these Stablemates Club boxes are miniaturized versions of the standard/generic packaging used for Traditionals.

They could be used for almost anything.

I know I would definitely be more inclined to buy individual Stablemates in these packages, as opposed to the blister cards they use now. You still don’t get to see the opposite side, and the risk of rubs is still there, but you do get a better overall view of the model unobstructed by the form-fitting plastic blister.

Don’t get me wrong, I also like the little drawstring bags they replaced: in fact, one of my many sewing projects involves coming up with a quick and easy-to-sew pattern to make them for 400 or so Stablemates in my life that don’t already have them.

But now that they’re starting to miniaturize Traditional molds into Stablemates-scale ones (Mini Brishen!) it only makes sense that they’d come with scale boxes, too.

(Speaking of miniaturizing molds, can I put in a request for a wee Family Arabian Stallion? Please? Let’s give some of the vintage molds some love!)

I’ll open up this cute little bugger eventually, but for now I’ll just carry him around from room to room, periodically squealing in delight.


Carrie said...

This just upholds my long standing belief that ANYTHING is more appealing in miniature. I love these boxes! And I hope you week improves, Andrea!

Unknown said...

Mini me specials for traditional releases? Yes please!! I like the boxes a lot more than I thought I would.

Truson said...

I'm kind of hoping that the mini-me Stablemates get used again as the surprise for Premier members, myself. Or at least mini-mes of the original first runs of a mold. They need to hang onto some aspect of that specialness for special occasions IMO.

Fenfox1 said...

I could see me collecting stablemates if they came in these boxes!

Anonymous said...

I want a mini-me Huck Bey. And a Moody Andy stallion with that huge tail.

Robert Taylor said...
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Robert Taylor said...

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