Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Here’s my CollectA collection:

CollectAs are available around here – of course they are! But the stores they are in are a little bit out of my way, and by the time I make there, whatever horses they had are usually long gone. I did get lucky last year and spotted this Australian Stock Horse Stallion that my fellow local hobbyists obviously missed.

Rumor has it – well, it’s not really a rumor, more like a fact waiting for an official Press Release or Statement – that Reeves is acquiring CollectA. From the just-released Just About Horses:
In 2017, we will be introducing two exciting new collections. The first is a new range of realistic and authentic horse and animal sculptures. This delightful collection will be created in durable vinyl with family-friendly price points to introduce young children to the joys of collection. The second collection, is, well …. under lock and key until February! We’ll keep you posted!
Some are saying this is just Reeves buying up the competition. While it is true that the Breyer brand itself does lose some business to the likes of Schleich (and Papo, and Safari, and Bullyland…) I see it more as Reeves deciding to compete directly in this particular segment of the model horse market.

It also didn’t hurt that, you know, some of the CollectA horse sculpts – by artist Deborah McDermott – are pretty darn nice, too.

As far as collecting/documenting goes, I’ll be treating the pre-Reeves CollectA items the same way I treat the Hagen-Renaker molds and the Creata Micros: basically, as separate but related entities.

As to what Reeves is going to do with CollectA, I don’t know. I know many things that Reeves might be surprised that I know, but this is something I have not be made privy to, through either official or unofficial channels.

My guess is that the line will continue more or less as before, with some rebranding, relabeling, and somewhat different paint jobs on the horses, at least (in terms of both style and color).

It’s going to make for some…interesting diorama entries at BreyerFest this year, I think.


timaru star ii said...

Gadzooks!! Bombshells! Thank you Andrea for once again being a superb rumour source for me... My local CollectA dealer could only tell me "there are now no more US dealers." I have 20 of the little creeturs and they are outstanding in every way. I can only hope the quality, plastic, colors and detail stays the same. They're made in the UK, you know.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll actually have a chance to see these in person if they are sold alongside Breyers (one can hope). I have only ever seen them online.

I assume they are similar in size and materials as Schleich(?) but the CollectA molds look much more conformationally correct. I love the little TWH.

There are Schleichs at stores nearby and their paint jobs are nice but I just don't like the sculptures as much, especially for the price.

I am a customizer though and I have always been leary of painting the softer more rubbery plastics. But I see people do paint them.

Anonymous said...

*Terrific*!! (and I don't mean that in a GOOD way either!! Whay the *h*ll* can't BREYER leave things alone?? I happen to LIKE variety in my collection! It's *nice* to see how other companies view horses and other animals!! Does BREYER have to have the monopoly on EVERYthing??
You already DON'T see H-R as in the past, good LUCK finding *current* PAPO's or SCHLEICH's @ any toy retailers/tack shops (Don't know about your area - but they *suck* here!!)
Hartland, Beswick, Lefton, have all gone by the way side! Thank GOODNESS COPPERFOX didn't sell out(there's HOPE anyway!)

Another reason I wish Breyer would leave people/things alone--Do you think the hobbyist will appreciate it?? Some maybe-but I get *sick* and tired of BREYER trying to do something *nice* for people and ALL they get for their efforts is *complaints*!!(either about eyes, color ,tiny minor flaws, etc.!!) It's annoying to say the least! Never a "thank you" for anything! DON'T DO IT BREYER!!