Monday, October 3, 2016

Blue Box

The selection was still good when I visited “my” Tuesday Morning this afternoon – several Picassos (Bay Pinto Desatado), Foiled Agains, Pony Pouches, Don’t Look Twices (Roxy) and even a Jubilation Mule – but if there were any of the scarcer AQHA Horses present, they were long gone.

I had found some Stablemates on clearance at Meijer a couple of days prior, and a Hartland Morgan Family at a Salvation Army earlier today, so I didn’t need to buy anything to sate a “horse fix”, though that could change tomorrow, I suppose….

(That Chestnut AQHA Horse I found was an especially nice one…)

Since I’ve been on a bit of a knockoff kick, here’s another recent acquisition in that department – a NIB Blue Box Blue Ribbon Stables Thoroughbred!

I got so excited when I noticed him from a distance in my local Salvation Army – a NIB Breyer, here? – but a few more steps in the door and I saw what he really was.

But I bought him anyway, because I’ve been wanting to add a NIB Blue Box piece to my knockoff selection, and the price was right.

It would have been even better if it had been their Draft Horse – an appealing and mostly “correct” sculpt that customizes well – but the cantering Thoroughbred on its unique resting base is a very adequate substitute.

The Blue Box horses are little different from your standard knockoffs, in that it’s not the molds themselves that are being “knockoffed”, but the Breyer “brand” itself! The color scheme, the style of the box, even Blue Box logo are all very Breyer-like, as are the horses themselves…

All without actually being direct knockoffs, which I find kind of fascinating. It’s not difficult to see how that thrifty aunt or coworker who knows you like horses would pick them up for you whilst garage sailing.

(Which I always accepted with a smile, because free horses are always welcome at this house, no matter the make or model!)

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