Friday, May 6, 2016

Jello vs. Kool-Aid

I finally got around to upgrading the Pink Horse Crazy G3 Tennessee Walking Horse that Vita “customized” a while back. I wasn’t able to find one locally, so I waited a while and tossed one in my Stablemates Club order:

That’s also a good way, if you did not already know, of getting your Club shipments and Web Specials double boxed, though in this case I just wanted to save myself time and gas money. I’m not sure how it is in stores in your part of the world, but in mine, the Horse Crazy Stablemates are in short supply.

But the story here isn’t about my thriftiness or ingenuity, it’s the color – the new guy is a slightly different color and opacity compared to the old. To put in in food terms: the old guy looks like Raspberry-flavored Jello, while the new guy looks like Tropical Fruit Punch Kool-Aid. Or more precisely, the slightly murky store-brand version that your Mom used to buy to save a few cents here and there.

I knew there was some color variations to be found in the Horse Crazy pieces, especially with the Purple and Pink ones being more like opposite ends of a continuum than two distinct hues, but the opacity issue took me by surprise. I don’t know if it’s enough to classify it as a “big V” variation, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

I intend on keeping the three-legged TWH, by the way. It’s not the first – and likely, not the last – three-legged Stablemate in my herd. Each one of them comes with a story, and you know how I like my stories.

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Anonymous said...

Id like to see pictures of your Vintage and Stablemate models. I love your blog and I love getting your opinions on the latest and greatest. Thank you- Levi