Friday, October 2, 2015

The Roan AQHA Horse

Well, just take a look at what I just found at the toy store on the way home, not even two hours ago - and what made me break my promise not to buy anything through the end of the year!

Yes, that's a BAY ROAN 75th Anniversary AQHA Horse. That everyone was sure didn't exist because of the cryptic nonanswers Reeves was dishing out on social media.

For the record, there are a lot of horse and model horse people who do work there. It's just that they are not always the ones to answer the questions.

I was still so excited after I bought him that I carried him with both hands to the 7-11 next door to buy a celebratory Big Gulp.

He already has a name, by the way - Roan Where You Want To! Because I am a dork.

The store had also just unpacked its Elskas, too, but I was too excited about the Roan to look at them clearly, so I took a pass on them.

This was one of the colors I was hoping for, so it was a very happy ending to a very crazy week.

Two scoops in one week!


Anonymous said...

You are lucky! I stalked our Tractor Supply for weeks only for them to get in two AQHA horses....a bay and a sorrel of course!

They did get in two Jesse's, but at $50 a pop, that was a little rich for my blood.

So Tractor Supply was a disappointment this year.

At least CAL Ranch got in some Mystery Foal stablemate sets....the new QH/Reiner and the Icelandic. So that was a consolation prize.

You have AMAZING luck finding things. I never find anything at swap meets either. You must be living in Breyer central!

Katie said...

I love that color! Congratulations and thanks for giving us a picture.

Katie said...
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ANDREA said...

As for living in a Breyer hotspot, yeah, I sort of do. Lots of TSCs, independent toy and hobby shops, tack shops, flea markets and thrift stores. Good pickings!

I think the Roans will probably be concentrated in smaller locally-owned stores, not national chains. But it's still too early to tell.

Brenda said...

Congratulations! I have only one TSC that is barely close enough to visit and they don't have the roan or the grill, two I want very much. Neither has my regular local dealer gotten these colors. I went today to look at Elska and ended up passing on him, too.

Sandy said...

What luck! I stalked my local TSC and caught them putting out Breyers but they only got one bay AQHA in. A very nice employee checked and said they were not expecting anymore in. *sigh*