Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Good Start

Something short today; I’ll be juggling quite a few things over the next two weeks, and I want to get it off to a good and proper start.

I think this qualifies as a "good day at the flea market":

I bought a bunch of other stuff too, but I’m sticking to the models because that’s what most of you are here for. They weren’t even all that there was, but they were the best of today’s crop. Not a bad start to the season, I think!

Everything here will be for sale, eventually. They’ll all need some serious cleaning first: the Western Prancing Horse isn’t the dirtiest, least-touchable thing I’ve ever bought, but he’s definitely in the Top Ten.

(Is it because they look like horses that some people are predisposed to storing them in barns?)

I’ll be talking about the Prancer in greater detail later in the week, once he’s made presentable. There are a couple of interesting features to this particular WPH that make him a little more interesting than your average Western Prancing Horse. 

The Rearing Stallion does have a balder-than-average face, but he isn't all that interesting to me otherwise. That mold's been a little bit of a "meh" for me lately, so that might play a part in my disinterest.

In other news, the fourth One-Day Stablemate is the G3 Thoroughbred in Dappled Rose Gray Tobiano Pinto, with fleabites, by the name of Meringue:

He’s not one of my favorites of the newer molds - his long, mulish ears kind of bother me - but oh dear, that paint job is something, isn’t it?

I sure hope they plan on making a lot of these little guys. Otherwise, there may be some issues.

Actually, there have only been a few years since they started issuing One-Day Stablemates that they’ve sold out before the end of the event, primarily when they switched over from a single release to multiple releases. It used to be that leftover One-Day Stablemates were not an uncommon sight in the Sales Tent, sometimes as early as the Sunday afternoon of the year they were released.

Last year there was a bit of progress: they managed to make enough that they are still for sale in the BreyerFest leftovers section of the web site - in boxed four-piece sets, at a slight discount. That’s how I got mine!

Judging from the online reactions, I think the One-Day Stablemates may be the "IT" items this year. While supply may not have been a problem last year, we all know that it takes a while for the lessons Reeves learns to stick.

In other words, I recommend anyone who really wants them to pre-order and/or arrange pickups. Better to be safe than sorry!


Sandra said...

Hi Andrea - I'm interested in the Rearing Stallion when he's available. Sandra

Anonymous said...

I do love the stablemates this year, hope they don't run out!

Kaivala said...

where did you find the breyerfest 2014 set you mention for stablemates?