Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bears, Obviously

The Special Run Bear Family Kodiak and Denali took me by surprise; I was thinking the Deer or maybe the German Shepherd/Rin Tin Tin had a better shot at BreyerFest Special Run-dom.

No complaints, though. They look very nicely done, and there haven’t been any Special Runs on the set ever, though the Cub alone has come in some Wal-mart Mustang sets. They make sense, too, for a Silver Anniversary: they’re Silvertip Grizzly Bears, duh!

Like most of the more recent Nonhorse Specials, they’ll likely be a small quantity release. Around 400-500 sets, if not less. That’s no guarantee of a sell-out, though the initial reaction to them seems very positive.

I have most of the Bears - all but some variations and the most recent releases - so I am definitely considering them. Unlike some of the Nonhorse molds, they’re relatively easy (though occasionally pricey) molds to collect. Though I have had a bit of a time trying to upgrade my 1960’s era Brown Bear. With that textured hairy coat, both molds are prone to rubs, but the Brown Bear Mamas I find around tend to be in much worse shape than all the others.

Don’t know why that is - I just chalk it up as a weird regional thing. I’ll find one eventually, no rush there. The flea market opens this week, so hope springs anew.

I’m still mulling over getting another ticket though. I usually buy two, but so far I’ve only bought one, and no other tickets appear to be forthcoming by other means.

It’s not a lack of enthusiasm that’s staying my hand, it’s that I’ve already bought more than I expected to this year. I told myself at the start of the year that I needed to sell more and buy less, but with my ongoing work-life scheduling issues, I haven’t been able to sell a darn thing since December.

And I had to spend my rare and glorious weekend off dealing with other, almost overdue things. Like finishing my taxes, and finally wrapping up a sewing project I’ve been picking at since October. (That Imperial Fan Quilt I started back in 2012. ‘Nuff said.)

We’ll just have to wait and see what this week holds. 


LostInAn80sfog said...

Between the pacer and these bears, are you *trying* to lure me back into collecting Breyers?!

ANDREA said...

Yes, obviously.