Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reversal of Fortunes

In between dealing with my current transportation challenges, a work schedule of nothing but double shifts, and weather that can truly be described as "frightful", I may be somewhat scarce on the Internet for the next week or two. Any surprises the world of model horses springs on me will probably not be experienced in real time.

("There was a Special Run for what? When? Oh, nuts…")

New horse purchases will also be scarce for a while. The money situation is okay, but I do need some time to get used to the new budget - now with car payments!

I sure hope that pretty Dapple Gray Marwari Reeves was promising us as a Collector’s Club Exclusive doesn’t show up until the spring bulbs start sprouting. 

Another loose end I failed to tie up was the arrival of the wild splash spot Knabstrupper variation, who I picked up shortly before Christmas whilst I was shopping for some last minute baking supplies. The store had a number of them to choose from - he's not a popular little bugger in these parts, I guess. So here he is next to neater little brother:

Yes, that’s an Idocus Snowman standing guard. He arrived several weeks ago; I went to a local farm store chain to pick up something else entirely, and they just happened to have a really, really nice example on their shelves. Since I knew that they were in short supply - and he was on sale - I bought him just in case someone I knew was looking for one.

No one mentioned anything, and since the new car decision had to be pushed up a couple of months, I changed his status here this week from "hold" to "sold - to me".

He looks great in that color, and I love the growth rings that they painted on his hooves. (But his eyes are just plain black dots. Very odd.) I am somewhat amused by his manly assets; it’s far more common for a Breyer "stallion" to actually be a gelding (or genderless) than the other way around. 

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Heather Forrest said...

I know what I'm doing when I get back to the states! Spot hunting! :)