Friday, June 14, 2013

Meme's the Word

This is the kind of work week I had:

I feel like Vita looks, sans accessories. (I’ll totally do rhinestones, but I won’t do pink.)

Actually, Vita probably had a better week than I did: she acquired her grail. She finally caught the chipmunk living under the deck! She didn’t know what to do with him after she caught him, though, other than toss him up in the air several times until he limped off, presumably into the talons of one of our resident hawks. 

I wasn’t home when this incident occurred, unfortunately, to confirm any of those details. But she was strutting around the house yesterday like she had bought a Decorator with a cheap Buy It Now on eBay.

One other thing did brighten the week, or the end of it, was this little tidbit:

A Ninja Pit of Death t-shirt? On the Breyer web site? Well, I be gobsmacked.

Sometimes you study the history. Sometimes you are the history. Somewhere in the archives of Blab, I created the "Ninja Pit of Death" meme. I just thought it was a funny play on words that had a bit of truth in it. I was never expecting it to turn into a t-shirt on the Breyer web site.

I’m not expecting any compensation for it, just taking a little credit/blame. For historical purposes, you know.

(They also brought back the classic "I’ll stop collecting when I’m dead" tee, too.)

Since I’m still not fully up to speed, here’s another picture from the recent archive stash. Recognize him?

I’m guessing no, for at least 90 percent of you; he’s mentioned only in passing in Nancy Atkinson Young’s Breyer Mold & Models. This particular Chestnut Proud Arabian Stallion was one of those Marney Mystery Runs, distributed - according to the owner - at the Mississippi Valley Live Show in Barrington, Illinois in July of 1984.

His color is closer to the classic "Cinnamon" Chestnuts most prevalent on contemporary Stablemates, and not the slightly later reddish/orange Flaxen Chestnuts.

I had heard about him previously, and due to the quality and nature of the information, had more or less accepted the fact that he wasn't just a rumor. It wasn’t until I saw these photos (I have a full set of show pix!) that I finally saw one for myself.

Unlike other Marney Mystery Runs, this fellow is somewhat more obscure. He’s not quite as flashy or notorious as some of the others - like the Dapple Gray Man o’ War - nor have any of the five pieces in the run (that I know of) been up for sale. He’s just similar enough to later Regular Runs and Special Runs of this model that it’s also possible that one or two might have slipped under the hobby radar as mere variations.

(Programming Note: I will be home all weekend, but mostly offline, to take care of some "real-world" business.)

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LostInThePlasticFumeFog said...

If my foggy memory is accurate, there should be twelve of those red chestnut PAS models floating around. One was kept by Marney and presumably wound up sold at her estate sale (though I didn't see him there). The one in the picture, which was the most screaming red of the group (color is brighter than he appears) was purchased right before MV. The other ten were, I believe, raffled off at the show.

There's a picture of one of the ten in an old issue of MHG or MHT as part of some photo show results; I believe his owner sold off all her OF plastics so he's presumably still in hobby hands somewhere. Another was last known to be in the hands of his original owner long after she left the hobby and sold off almost all her collection. What became of the rest, I haven't a clue.