Sunday, May 19, 2013


The flea market was lots of fun today, though it was mostly a "catch and release" kind of day. I’ve been attempting to reprice/rebag all my stock for BreyerFest over the past week, and it has made me extremely particular about the kinds of things I want to buy: not a whole lot.

I did find some nice china pieces, including a Ceramic Arts Studio Pomeranian who’ll probably be sticking around. If you had seen the box I found him in, you would be as amazed as I am at the fact that all his legs are intact and unbroken:

I also almost - almost! - bought a camel saddle. It’s not something you see every day, even at this flea market. The fact that I didn’t buy it is now bugging the heck out of me. That, and a big pile of African batik fabrics. I need more fabric like I need more horses at this point, though. (Oh, the quilts I could have made with them!)

I will be selling off some stuff via eBay and MH$P over the next few weeks, mostly because I doubt I’ll have the space or resources to haul it all down to BreyerFest. There will be actual choice items for those of you unable to go, for whatever sundry reasons.

Since I am too tired to go on any further today, I will conclude with a picture of a Chicago-era Test Color:

Awesome, ain’t he? Not sure what he was a test for - either for one of the Christmas Classic Appaloosa Quarter Horse Sets, or for the Traditional Stock Horse Family in Gray Appaloosa. His status - coming or going, selling or staying - is also currently undetermined. Just more unfinished business on my part, alas.

(Reeves, take note: now THIS is how I like my Gray Appaloosas.)


Little Black Car said...

OMG--test Appy made my heart skip a beat. I love that mold. I love that color, weird as it is.

Anonymous said...

I'll always prefer splatter appies over the boring stenciled deals they are churning out now.

GWR said...

Gorgeous little foal you got there. <3 My first Breyer was that color on the ASHF so it has a special place in my heart.

I appreciate both splash spots and stenciled Apps, I wouldn't mind seeing them bring back the former. (how about that grey hip blanket colorway on Roxy, Breyer?)

Congrats on the Ceramic Arts Pomeranian! I found him and his lying down buddy at a Goodwill in 2011.