Monday, December 3, 2012

Paper or Plastic?

Limes were on sale at the grocery store last week, so I decided to make Iced Lime Shortbread Cookies. They definitely needed a day for the lime flavor to infuse: they were good yesterday, but today they’re hide-them-in-the-basement-pantry good.

In other news, I think I injured myself during my marathon writing session. No, it’s not carpal tunnel; I actually take precautions for that. Nope, I pulled a muscle in my ah, hindquarters. Standing and walking, I’m good. It’s the getting in and out of chairs and beds that’s a problem.

Thank goodness I don’t have to get up particularly early for the next week. I do have to get a couple of packages out by tomorrow though, which presents me with an interesting choice. Exhaustion from walking to the post office with two bulky packages in tow, or exhaustion from the strain of getting in and out of my car’s bucket seats? 

Either way, I’ll be burning off those cookie calories.

Another big decision I had to make over the weekend was another variation of the classic conundrum: paper, or plastic?

Actually, it wasn’t that hard of a decision at all: I have a couple dozen models on the floor looking for nonexistent openings on my shelves, and my two sales tubs are full. Any disposable income I have to spend in the next year on the hobby will have to focus on paper (ephemera), not plastic.

I’ll still be going to BreyerFest, subbing to the Vintage Club, and picking up whatever treasures the local fleas and stores present me, but I probably will be seriously cutting back on the extras. Those extras will include Web Specials, special sales and offers, store splurges, or anything that doesn’t have a special personal or historical significance.

While I am very curious to see what the Winter Web Special is this Tuesday, unless it happens to be one of those molds that makes me lose my mind (like a Traditional Man o' War), I’ll probably have to take a pass on it.

To assuage my guilt somewhat, I’ll do my "enter once, and forget about it" strategy, just like with Luna. If I "win" it, I'll deal with the consequences then.

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