Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kids Only

I’ve been in a really weird mood all weekend. I still haven’t gotten around to opening my packages yet, for instance. I only got about three hours sleep last night, but I feel absolutely fine. And today I bought all sorts of crazy stuff at the flea market, including a vintage umbrella:

There were a few horses, but for some reason I had to come home with a crazy plaid umbrella with the swirly green bakelite handle, that I’ll probably never use, not even in a costume-y kind of way.

I also bought a trenchcoat, for pretty much the same reason. Plus, the old lady who was selling it told me I looked good in it, and who was I to argue with her?

I did managed to pass up the Napoleonic hat with the giant ostrich plumes, though. Not because it wouldn't have gone with the umbrella and trenchcoat, but because I was almost out of money.

(I’ll blame it all on the supermoon.)

I haven’t talked much about the Kids Only Event, because there wasn’t much about it to talk about. Reeves designed a very age-appropriate event, with age-appropriate "freebies" - a Welcome to the World of Breyer Kit, a signed Brookside Pink Magnum, and a current NIP Stablemate.

To the disappointment of some of the adult attendees, I’m sure. But I’ll get back to that in a minute.

The only "news" that broke from the event was the BreyerFest SR Prince of Chintz, who was posted on the Breyer web site a few days later. Barely news at all, then. Most of the actual kids, when talking about the event, seem to have been more excited about meeting Magnum in person rather than of any news of future releases.

Which is as it should be. Although I had a fairly intense interest in Breyer History at an early age, meeting someone who was made into a Breyer model would have been just as exciting, if not more. Touring the Sample Room would have been great, too, but I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish the Rare from the Common, the Test Colors from the Regular Runs. I would have just gravitated towards my favorite molds and colors.

And then spun around in circles repeatedly just to drink in the aroma, and then passed out.

(Which is sort of what I did the one time I did get to see the Sample Room - as an adult. No actual passing out occurred, that I can recall.)

Actually, I’m sort of relieved that we haven’t heard much about the potential/future Special Runs that were on display, such as the Volunteer model (especially since I’m not volunteering). It’s not that I’m jealous of people knowing things I don’t know - which happens way more than you think, though I’m pretty good at camouflaging it - but that information like that tends to warp expectations.

Sometimes it’s better to not know what could have been. Whenever there’s a proposed SR that either doesn’t get made - or undergoes some modification prior to release - there’s always lots of whining and moping about it.

The only other news I was able to glean from coverage of the event is that a depressingly high percentage of the "adult" accompaniment was not of a parental nature. In other words, kids were "borrowed" to attend.

This does not surprise me. While I’m sure some of them - like me - would have just liked the opportunity to "tour the facility", I’m also sure that some of them were hoping there would be a little something "extra" in it for them.

Nope, blessedly, the Event was pretty much as advertised.


Anonymous said...

I got to attend the event with my 10 year old daughter. She likes Breyers, but knows that is her Mother who is the crazy collector. FOr her it was about petting the real horse and spending the weekend alone with Mom.

There were parents there who knew nothing about Breyer collecting. In the front office of the corporate headquarters are shelves with many of the connoisseur models displayed. I was naming them for my daughter and another Mother said it was scary how I knew all the names.

I do wonder if some of the extra kids with non-parents were allowed because the event didn't sell out. I never counted, but it didn't feel like 200 people were present.

I posted all our stuff on Blab.

plastiqueponi said...

I'm glad that they didn't give out any super speschul ultra rare horses to the kids. Why reward the people who latched onto a kid for no reason other than to attempt to get something limited?