Sunday, April 15, 2012

In the Know

Thank goodness, the Reeves spam about BreyerFest Early Bird tickets is just about over. I know they’re just doing their job, I signed up for it, blah-dee-blah-blah… still doesn’t mean I have to like it.

And yet, in spite of the bajillion e-mails, there’ll still be a substantial number of hobbyists who’ll be totally clueless about the Early Bird Specials, discount pricing, all that. And will be mad about it when they do find out - too late, of course.

It’s not a phenomenon unique to the model horse world, of course - I worked at a place once where I literally could not discuss any current events with anyone:
"How about them Tigers?"
"Sorry, I don’t follow sports."

"Did you hear so-and-so died (very famous actor)"?
"Never heard of him."

"What about that dumb thing that politician said the other day?"
"I don't watch the news."
(I didn’t last there long, as you might have guessed. I "didn’t fit in"!)

I wouldn’t consider myself a current events junkie, by any means, but for heaven’s sake, how does anyone function without even a rudimentary knowledge of …anything?

(Sorry, I had a run-in with a bad chicken sandwich yesterday, and we’ve only just recently - to put it politely - parted ways.)

The only other significant Breyer news to come out of Equine Affaire is that the "Welcome to the World of Breyer Kit" - the one featuring the Pearlescent Gray Classic Warmblood Stallion, that will also be given out to participants of the Kids Only Event in a couple of weeks - will be limited to about 600 pieces.

Thus helping explain the weird "model is not exclusive" wording they’ve been using every time they mention it. They didn’t say anything about it not being limited - just not exclusive. That means we should be seeing the remainders of these sets at other Breyer events throughout the year. Good!

Even so, 600 pieces is not so few that we need to start panicking about it. It’s not that out of line with some of the more recent "scarce" Classics releases, and outside of the "B" versions of the Classic Draft Horse, none of them are outrageously hard-to-get or overpriced.

Though among those scarcities, I am surprised that the Mid-Year 1998 Classics Jump Set Horses - available for less than six months - aren’t a little more in demand, especially since (I think) they’re all quite attractive, especially the Keen:

It’s another one of those "lack of knowledge" things. If nobody "knows" something is rare, the market price is not going to reflect that.

In fact, I think the Breyer Kit Warmblood Stallion will be a relatively easy and inexpensive "get" for hobbyists, since most of them are going to get mainlined into the hobby, via Breyer events.

He’s a nice enough little fella, but I’m in no rush to get him.


Anonymous said...

Except that they did say the classic set was "not limited in quantity"

ANDREA said...

I took that to mean that there was no limit to how many you yourself could purchase, as there have been with a lot of other SRs lately.