Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looking for Sunshine

My Paddy arrived yesterday. He’s no Pot O’ Gold, but he’s fine. Leans a little more than he should, but not enough to send him back. I probably should have waited a few days to open him, since I was not in the right frame of mind to receive him properly.

The weather’s been beautiful, but I’ve had to deal with a lot of grimness in the past few days, the kind no amount of sunshine can fix. One coworker’s ex-husband (her younger son’s father) died suddenly, and another’s father had a heart attack, and the prognosis is not good. And a third coworker lost her mother two weeks ago after a brief and frightening illness.

That much death - on the cusp of Spring, no less - is not conducive to a happy frame of mind.

Even if the sunshine didn’t help, walking the dog did, a little; there’s something to the act of walking, for walking’s sake, that always clears my head.

I even came up with a clever bit I wanted to do for the blog today, but when I came home I realized that was a no-go because, yet again, access to that part of my collection has been blocked off for another neverending remodeling project.

Dang it, man! Foiled again!

(Which is also one of the primary reasons why there’s been a shortage of pictures here lately. Anyone familiar with my home situation also knows it’s something I can do absolutely nothing about. Sigh.)

Let’s look for sunnier things to talk about …

Reeves "officially" announced the Esprit Brick and Mortar Special on both Facebook and on the web site, and confirmed that his name is indeed Lionheart. He has stripes like a tiger, spots like a cheetah, but they name him Lionheart because of … his color? The mane? Just because it sounds kind of cool? I’m sure we’ll find out the real reason why before they officially announce it anyway. Because that’s how this community rolls.

(Always cracks me up when The Powers That Be act all surprised that we know stuff.)

They also released a picture of another BreyerFest Line/Ticket SR, a Palomino Strapless named Bees Knees, that’s refreshingly free of frivolities like dappling, sootiness, pinto-ness, or wildly complex hoof detailing. Just a straight up, light and clear Palomino paint job.

She was another one of those models that was "leaked" early; that first picture didn’t impress me that much initially; I am much more enamored of her now. I think the Strapless mold looks smashing in palomino, and she’s definitely a contender for my pocketbook - depending on what she looks like in person, and the size of my pocketbook. (The latter, not so good right now.)

Palomino is a color that renders really well in Gloss, so if they do decide to repeat the half Gloss/half Matte experiment that they did with last year’s Bay Appaloosa Show Jumping Warmblood, I’d consider her a prime candidate.

It wouldn’t matter to me either way, since I’m already falling in love with her in Matte.


Anonymous said...

I really want to like Strapless, but when I got one on the first release her head really bothered me. I've since realized that Sommer Prosser's horses all have very blah heads/expressions. It's very piggish to me. I think if we could get Kathleen Moody to sculpt the head, and Sommer to do everything else, it would be a gorgeous horse.

Anonymous said...

I expect there'll be roaring debate on Blab as to whether Thoroughbreds come in Palomino, as well. (They do- were I to buy/show her, I'd show her as Glitter Please progeny.)