Monday, August 29, 2011

A Couple of Brahmas

Don’t mind the rumbling you hear in the background, that’s just the aftershocks of the massive tantrum I had after … well, we’ll talk about it another day, when I’m a little less ticked off at myself.

The rash is better. It still itches from time to time, but my appearance no longer frightens small children or dogs. Things still won’t be looking pretty for the next couple of weeks, but according to my schedule, I won’t be out and about much then, anyway. Not by choice, and mostly nothing personal - Labor Day just messes up the work schedule.

On the plus side, that means I’ll finally have the time to get those sales up and running on MHSP, like I’ve been meaning to. However, I have also been informed that there may be painting in the house by then, which might entail the dusting and rearranging of things. Swell.

A few middling things at the markets this weekend - a couple of Mastercrafter Clocks (overpriced) and a small pile of disreputable-looking vintage Hartlands (not worth the trouble.)

I did pick up a few bodies, and a few books. I was almost completely cleaned out of my sale books at BreyerFest, so it feels good to replenish the stash. Looking forward to the big local book sale this coming weekend; not looking forward to the jerks who will be standing in line in front of me with their ISBN Scanners.

(Man, those people completely take the fun out of used book sales. All business, no pleasure, y’know? Just like in this hobby, too.)

I had to move a few things around upstairs in the main collection, so I have a couple of my Brahma Bulls that are currently homeless (they’re not going anywhere - I just don’t know where to put them, yet.) Interesting contrast between the two. Here’s the more familiar variation that most of us either know, or own:

This guy’s pretty nice - very clean, no major marks, and he still has lots of pinking, which usually fades into nothingness over time. I was quite pleased with myself when I found him a few years back. He's easy to find, but not always in that good of a condition. Here’s the other:

Quite a difference, eh? The "Black Hump" version is the earliest, seen in most of the pre-1960 ephemera. It’s not just the hump that’s black - so are his horntips, hooves, leg patches, muzzle, etc. It’s worth noting that the black paint is a distinct color from the gray - one is not the diluted (or undiluted) version of the other.

My example is about average on the shading and detail scale - I’ve seen ones that have only had the black hump, and I’ve seen others that could almost pass for Charcoal.

He was a pretty popular mold right out the gate, so while the "Black Hump" variation may seem a little on the uncommon side, he really isn’t too difficult to find - as long as you’re on the lookout for him, of course. Like anything else, if you’re not looking for him, you’re not going to find him. Intentionally.


Anonymous said...

A small tip regarding the library book sales: volunteer to help set up for it, and find out if the donated books are sorted on a time/day you're free. It's normal for those volunteers to set aside books they find appealing while they're working, then pay for them before they leave.

Anonymous said...

I know its silly, but I don't understand about the ISBN scanners. Does it have something to do with the value of the books?

ANDREA said...

There's quite a brisk business on sites such as Amazon for used book resellers.

There are many, many people whose business it is to go to used book sales and scan every book, looking for items to resell.

You can buy a scanner with Internet capability that can tell you right then and there how much a used book is worth.

What kind of book it is is irrelevant - first edition pop fiction, out-of-print craft books, art books, doesn't matter. As long as they're making a few bucks.

Volunteering is not an option. I'd have to belong to the association that's organizing the sale, and I'm not.

This sale only sorts very loosely anyway - kids, crafts, novels, reference, literature, biography, romance, etc.

I just get annoyed because I'm there because I love books - sure, I resell some, but most of the money goes back into more books anyway.

Anonymous said...

There is a nice looking dark Brahma on eBay right now with no bids:

For anyone looking...