Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Boxes

My sales were rather excellent this week, so today’s post is going to be more pictures than words. (I’ve got about a half dozen packages to get wrapped up and out of here by tomorrow.) Don’t fret, I’ve got some nice, meaty posts in the pipeline.

Much fuss was made recently concerning the petite size of the Giselle Melange’s shipping box. Fortunately, there did not seem to be any issues with damages above and beyond the usual amount of spoilage, aside from the mental duress experienced by collectors world wide upon seeing those boxes for the first time.

This isn’t the first time that Breyer has used boxes that seemed, shall we say, snug. Take a look at my most recent acquisition, an upgrade of my #72 Semi-rough cut Walking Polled Angus Bull, mint in his original illustrated shipper box:

I had been hoping to upgrade my Semi-rough cut for quite some time, but I wasn’t expecting one quite that grand. (An illustrated shipper? Awesome!) He’s so minty-mint, the wrapping tissue is still intact:

In case the snugness of the fit doesn’t boggle your mind, here’s the box in comparison to a Family Arabian Mare. No special reason for the selection of a FAM, other than her ubiquity:

It’s teeny-tiny! (Yeah, yeah, she’s a Sorrel FAM. She’s part of the office herd.)

I already knew how small the mold is (he’s only slightly larger than Classic scale, more or less) but it still blew my mind to see how comfortably the whole package fit into a standard 12 x 12 x 8 Priority Mail box.

The only damage incurred in his 50-year trip through time and space? A pair of very slight eartip rubs.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that particular box be fitted in with many of the same type, in a larger crate? At least, when I worked for a chain retail store that sold picture frames (with glass) that's how they shipped their items. There was only a single layer of tissue paper wrapped around the frame with a tight fitting box. The boxes were packed tightly in a larger box that perfectly fit about a dozen or so of the boxed frames. This created one heck of a package to reckon with. I would imagine if a dozen or two of those bulls (in their individual boxes) were packed in a larger box, they would have a better chance of surviving the postal system than, say, a single model floating around in squishy packing material.

That said, I ordered a resin horse from Bridgette Eberl that was packed in a box that barely fit the resin, and it made its way from Germany to California with no damage at all. Sometimes you're just lucky. :)

Sara said...

I know what you mean. I have an old Bear Cub with it's shipper box and the thing is itty bitty! You wouldn't even think a bear cub would fit in it, if you saw it by itself.

ANDREA said...

Shipper boxes were just that - they were intended to be shipped in the mail, as is. They had a place marked off for the address and return address.

The box is mint and intact, so I'm guessing this was old store stock, or a gift that was tossed into an attic or closet, and never given.