Monday, June 14, 2010

Updating and Site Maintenance

Nothing much at the flea market yesterday, just odds and ends I didn’t want to negotiate over. I wasn’t feeling so great either; I was still a little woozy and dehydrated from spending most of the past two days cruising the village-wide garage sale with Mom. She complains we never do anything together, so I was sort of obligated to go, but my arm didn’t need that much twisting.

She found a nice vintage floor lamp and some dishes; among many other things, I picked up this fabulous upgrade of my Mastercrafter Swinger Clock:

It’s complete and immaculate - like someone took a time machine on a shopping spree in 1950! (Holy Decorators - it still has the paper safety tag on the electrical cord. How often do you see that?) Ironically, unlike the duct-taped beater I picked up last year, the clock mechanism doesn’t work. I have plenty of other clocks - Breyer or otherwise - that do, so that wasn’t a deal breaker. Off to the saleslist for the beater!

Speaking of my saleslist, I was just going through my preliminary BreyerFest preparations here - and as usual, feeling dreadfully behind. The saleslist is just about the only thing I have "finished." My biggest worry is what topics to cover in the Sampler. I don’t lack for ideas, but I sometimes wonder if I should revisit and rewrite some topics that I’ve covered here already. Not everyone has access to the blog, and it might be nice to re-release this information to another audience. I have a long day tomorrow, and plenty of time to think about it.

Another thing I’m thinking about is adding a few more features to the blog itself. I’m definitely considering adding a "Recent Comments" tracker. Partly to keep a lid on spam - it hasn’t been too much of a problem here, yet - but also to keep track of newer comments being made in older posts. I know I tend to stop looking, or commenting, on posts once they drop off the front page, and I was quite surprised to see the number of interesting, substantive comments I had missed when I was doing a little site maintenance a week or so ago.

Don’t worry, I won’t go all "Big Sister" on you - heck, I’ve barely "monetized" the blog beyond the obligatory Paypal donation button.

Next up: we finally start talking Tenite!


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