Friday, May 7, 2010

Swap Meet Stuff

Well, that week could have gone better. A lot better. More health problems to deal with - not me, but for everyone else. Even Sherman (my station wagon) is acting up - though I’m hoping the "check engine" light is just him going all Drama Queen on me again, and not something requiring serious mechanical intervention. (Not something I can afford right now.)

(And yes, my car's name is Sherman.)

One week to go before the big Swap Meet thing. I finally finished compiling my saleslist - way bigger than I expected - and I’ve been dragging all my BreyerFest room decorating supplies out of storage. I’ll be making some other arrangements tomorrow - snack and supply shopping, inquiring about party trays, etc. All the usual panicky, last-minute stuff.

I might not even get a chance to actually sell any of my stuff in the end, but that’ll be okay, if everything goes modestly well. The model horse hobby needs events like this, and if we can pull it off, that would be awesome. And if so, it could even become a semi-regular event, and spearhead future community-building efforts - you know, all that stuff that got discussed in that thread on Blab back in December.

Oh, the details: It’ll be Saturday, May 15th, at the Romeo Community Center, 361 Morton Street, Romeo, Michigan, across the street from the baseball field. (If you’ve been to Detroit Rock City Live, it’s the same location.) It’ll be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; if you’re coming to sell and need to set up, we’re allowed in the hall at 9 a.m. There will be a small table fee to help recover part of the cost of the hall rental and supplies. If there should be - heaven forbid! - any extra cash from that, it’ll get donated to charity. (I’m not anticipating it, but you never know.) Table space is limited, so while a reservation isn't necessary, it might be a good idea.

Shoppers and the general public will be allowed in at 10 a.m. There may well be some non-hobbyist foot traffic, as Romeo will be having its annual Victorian Festival that day as well. (So, you know, behave yourselves!) We have to be out of the hall by 5 p.m. If anyone wants to keep the party going, my house is literally less than a half mile away from the Community Center, and anyone who wants to peruse the collection or take a look at the reference library, they’re more than welcome. (I’ll try to make the house "presentable.")

That’s it for today. I have the whole weekend off, so I’ll try to get in another actual Breyer History post in there somewhere. It looks like we might have some decent weather on Sunday, so there might be a flea market report in the near future, too.

(BTW, nobody in the picture above is for sale. It's just a group shot of a random corner of the house; that's what it looks like after I did the major culling.)

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