Saturday, April 10, 2010

Swap Meets and Holy Grails

When most hobbyists fantasize about their holy grails, it usually involves test colors, vintage rarities, or an ultimate fantasy dream horse done by a hot, in-demand artist.

For me, right now? It’s a job with a desk and a chair. I appreciate all the hours I’ve been getting at the part-time job recently, but a regular schedule with "normal" hours would be heaven right now. The unpredictability is exciting, but it’s hard for me to meet my other commitments, like blog posting and swap-meet organizing.

(And getting a puppy, finally! More on that at a later date, though.)

Anyway, the swap meet/party/model horse get together is a go for May 15th; once I finish up this post I’ll be working on hammering out the rest of the details. It’ll be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., set up beginning at 9 a.m. There will probably be a small, nominal fee for tables to help cover the cost of the hall rental. More details early next week.

Since it’s being done on such short notice, it’s going to be a relatively casual affair; if the response is any indication, though, a bigger and better event may be planned for the future. There’s definitely a demand for small, regional model horse conventions that don’t necessarily revolve around live showing. We’ll see how it goes, and take it from there.

So it appears that the "final" list of Tent Line SRs has been made:

Pictures of most of the samples, on display at Equine Affaire this week, have also been circulating; as expected, new photos are starting to change opinions, mostly for the better. I’m not normally a porcelain person, but the level of detail lavished on the Indian Horse "Dances With Wolves" is giving me pause. Wow, seriously wow.

There’s also a mystery horse: a long-tail Lady Phase in what I’m guessing is a really peculiar (yet intriguing) no-spot Appaloosa. It’s not shown in the list of SRs on the blog, so there’s some speculation about her status - is she Tent Line Special, Store Special, or something else?

Radar has been more or less confirmed as the Store Special, but there’s nothing to say that the Lady Phase couldn’t be either. Or maybe she’s an entirely new type of SR classification we don’t know about yet. As for Radar, I’m definitely warming up to him; the close up shots of his sweet face are winning me over.

Has anyone else noticed that Reeves is being very forthcoming with the item numbers this year, too? We even know the item number for the Early Bird Special Opening Night - according to the Facebook page, he’s #711126. Much appreciated, Reeves, really and truly. Keep it up!

More and better posts next week; the work schedule looks a little less hectic.

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Anonymous said...

BTW what was that LP? I remember seeing pictures, but no info. Did anything ever surface on her?