Monday, May 18, 2009

Personal Stuff

We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to bring you some personal stuff. Originally I was going to create a separate blog that relates to the non-model-horsey parts of my life - and I will do so, eventually - but since this may directly affect things here, I thought I might as well put it here. I’m not ready to start or maintain that second blog yet, anyway.

In the future, if and when I do this sort of thing again, I’ll specifically label these posts with a personal tag of some sort, so you can skip to the meaty parts if you so desire. I’ll keep it short and sweet, I promise.

As some of you may know, I’ve been having a hard time of it in the "real world." I’ve been underemployed for a rather long time, and I live in Michigan: it’s not exactly been a recipe for success. Combine that with some major family health issues - and well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s been a struggle to get out of bed a lot of mornings, recently.

In fact, one of the few things that’s been keeping me going is this blog. I’ve always found writing very therapeutic, and giving myself regular deadlines to meet on a weekly basis has probably kept me from losing it entirely over the past couple of months. (The other is the recent appearances of the Legion 0f Super-Heroes on Smallville. You have no idea how happy those episodes have made me. Seriously.)

To cut to the chase: the posts for the next two weeks will not be as substantial as I would like them to be, because I found myself a temp merchandising job. I’m going to be away 12+ hours a day for the next two weeks, and maybe for a few days after that, depending on how it goes. There’s no promise of a permanent or full-time position, but (a) I will be getting overtime, and (b) I’ll be out of the house, doing something other than fretting over my bills or my problems. Nice pluses, both of them.

And I really need the money. Goodness, do I: dental work, new glasses, credit card debt. Optimistically, the paycheck I get from this temp job will pay off at least two of those looming debts. So of course I said yes, when they offered it.

It’ll mean a couple of missed trips to the flea market, and no social life; but I didn’t have the money to spend in the first place, and my social life has already been rendered nonexistent by my current circumstances. It’ll also mean that I won’t be able to tackle deeper, more involved topics I’ve been wanting to, in the short-term. I have a few I’ve been working on, but the rest will be not quite as geeky as normal.

If all goes well, it will also make my trip to BreyerFest this year a little more possible, or at least more affordable (I’ll still need a roommate - I always need a roommate!)

So, there you have it. Back to the regular model horse nerdiness on Wednesday.


Unknown said...

Oh Andrea,
Im glad you found a job! even if it is part time.I sure know how you feel though.... I lost a house a car and went in debit with 7 credit cards about 10 years ago.. It took me years to get over losing so much and ruining my almost prefect credit.. but I got sick and the doc said I couldn't work..( and I really couldn't! ) I even had to sell my magazine ( something I was so proud of.. but I couldn't work 14 hour days anymore so to be fair to my partners... I had to) . but one really good thing came out of it.. I got to go back to my art work and back to sculpting.. my 1st love.. I will miss you posting but Im sure we all understand if we dont get a post for a few weeks even.. good luck! and try and remember how bad some people have it.. it may help you feel a little better.. its what I do..I figure hey. I could be living in my car! ..
Rebecca Turner

Stasser Equine said...

How wonderful you do have employment, there are so many that do not. However, please do not forget your love of writing, you have a gift that should be used. When you have time, please contact me as I have some idea's for you to make money with your writing, other than doing a book.
Follow your passion and God bless.

Sian said...

I'm so glad you found something that will help with your bills. I've been worried about you! I really hope this is just the beginning of better things for you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are looking a little up! Positive vibes are being sent your way.

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