Saturday, February 18, 2017

Recent Findings

I was just reviewing my “buy” list for the year so far: other than club-related purchases and the Locarno, almost everything else has been body box material. The most recent finds include these two recent dollar-a-bag dump bin discoveries:

This is the third (I think?) Classics Morgan Foal I’ve found with a broken/missing tail. Poor babies!

I completely cleaned out my Body Box last year in Kentucky, so this recent abundance of bodies is not an issue for me, so far.

What it has done, however, is pique my interest in the BreyerFest Customs Contest. This is a bit of an issue because I really don’t have time to enter another contest – I barely have enough time to get all of the other things done that I already need to get done!

But I’ve been on a project finishing kick lately, and if it’s a contest that motivates me to finish a few of those sad little derelicts sitting on my project table, so be it. And I like that they’re tweaking the rules and categories a bit, and adding a thematic category that will change from year to year.

The only problem I see is that the kind of customs I prefer doing don’t really fit into any of this year’s categories.

While I do have a Running Stallion Unicorn I’ve been working on for a while, he’s unfinished because I’m just not all that into Fantasy-themed models right now. I think I am capable of competing in Finishwork, but painting on that level stresses me out way too much, and I’d rather focus on something more enjoyable. I’ve never been much of a tack or performance-oriented person, so that category is clearly out, too.

Extreme customizing? I’d rather start with something that’s almost-sorta there and get it across the finish line; I’ve always had the most fun working with older funkier molds and doing subtle “A-ha!” customizing jobs that make you go “I see that now!” In other words, working with the existing mold, rather than against it. Reducing a Breyer model to an armature is…not my kind of fun.

So that leaves me with the thematic class, which is restricted to Little Bits scale and below this year, with no firm restrictions on the amount or kind of customizing. I do have a couple of Stablemates projects I could finish, but I’ve always wanted to do something interesting with a Little Bits mold – mostly because they don’t get a lot of customizing love.

But so far, no Little Bits scale bodies have crossed my path.

While I mull my options, I also have to figure out what to do with another promising recent find:

Yes, it’s a beautiful, genuine, heavily sequined and embroidered green sari, found at one of my local Salvation Army stores. Because of course I would!

After a little bit of research, I figured out how to put it on, and proceeded to prance and sparkle around the house like a princess. I’ll be wearing it at BreyerFest at some point, no doubt. But when and where? No idea, yet.


Anonymous said...

We need a photo of you wearing the Sari, please?

Anonymous said...

Yes, to see a photo too.