Friday, January 6, 2017

Filling in the Holes

So it looks like the CollectA line will be operating under an arrangement similar to the Pocket Box animals: certain items (horses, pets, farm animals) are being repackaged/rebranded and sold as Breyer product, with the originating company maintaining the noncompeting lines and items independently.

Both of these moves were done, obviously, to plug holes in the Breyer brand – expanding their offerings in the Micro Mini scale with the Pocket Box items, and making an entrĂ©e into the vinyl toy animal market currently dominated by Schleich. 

Like the Pocket Box critters, it’s still a little too early form me to determine how I will handle them. There’s a potential for multiple releases with the CollectA items that’s not available with the Pocket Box items, so I expect I’ll end up treating the CollectA pieces more like standard Breyers, and the Pocket Box pieces more like accessories.  

One thing that’s been largely forgotten in all this is that this is not the first time Reeves has adapted or adopted competing items as their own. In 1986, they gave us the #9900 Breyer Riding Stable set, aka the Pine Lodge Riding School, a play set composed of Britains:

It was a fairly popular item, too, running through 1989 in the Collector’s Manuals/Dealer Catalogs, and available through 1992 in the Sears Wishbook; I still find (usually) incomplete sets around here from time to time. 

It does feel a little weird/wrong to find a Breyer box with Britains in it, though.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these products per se – some of the CollectA horse molds are actually great, and I might be buying some of the Pocket Box Aquarium items, too. But it’ll be a while yet before I can “buy” them as Breyer products.


Silver Creek Stables said...

They are called Corral Pals now.

Fenfox1 said...

I haven't seen the Britains since I was a kid! Do they still make them?

draelynkhar said...

oh I used to LOVE my riding stable,,, though was always frustrated that my stablemates were a little too far out to scale to fit quite right. As I recall I ended up taking the stall dividers out and repurposing them eventually into a shoebox stable at a better scale for my SM's because I loved those dividers with their little detailed bars. The accompanying Brittan's horses apparently came in some different colors as my chestnut mare was white.

Night Elf said...

I remember ogling that set in the Sears catalog as a kid. Thank you for posting about it, I had no idea Britains was the producer.

Katelin Balentine said...

I found two of these sets new in the box at a thrift store in Nashville yesterday. They are completely intact and have the Sears sticker on the box. Pretty neat. I might offer them for sale; any suggestions where to sell them. Thanks!