Saturday, August 6, 2016

Black Spotted Appaloosa Gelding

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather the past few days (this allergy season has been hitting me like a sledgehammer) so you’re getting something short post today.

Here is another one of the handful of nonretail/nonstore acquisitions I made at BreyerFest this year. Technically he’s a body, and shouldn’t be anything to write home about, but can you see why I was so excited to make this Appaloosa Gelding’s acquaintance?

Check out the spots on his butt – they’re dark brown/black, not the standard Chestnut! They are the same paint color as his halter, as opposed to more typical Geldings, whose spots are the same darker shade of Chestnut color as the mane and tail.

It’s a known variation, but definitely not a common one. I’m not sure how he fits into the Appaloosa Gelding’s variation chronology. Most (but not all) vintage Breyer paint jobs tend to get simpler and less sophisticated over time, not more complex; judging from the overall look and characteristics of this example, I’m thinking closer to the beginning of his run (1971) as opposed to near the end (1980).

He’s been a “back burner” want of mine for a while, until I spotted him – naturally! – in a body box at BreyerFest.

Alas, I didn’t walk away with him when I found him originally, because (silly me) I didn’t have my money on me at the time. When I went back, he was gone, so I assumed someone else noticed how special he was. (I am not the only one who knows some of the greatest finds at BreyerFest are to be found in body boxes!)

To make a long story short – because the allergy meds are starting to kick in – he still managed to find his way to me. While he might not have he same flash or backstory as, the Gold Charm Man o’ War, his acquisition will be just as treasured a memory.

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Truson said...

I must be getting better at "spotting" these. ;) I knew that was what it was before I looked at the answer.