Monday, July 18, 2016

The Marney Sale

Doing all my last minute running around and packing; everything is as done as it’s going to be until I get down to Kentucky, where I will be working on it even more. Because in spite of my best intentions, that’s just how I apparently roll.

(Inhale. Exhale.)

I had to scan this interesting bit of history for someone earlier this month, and I thought the rest of you might enjoy it as well – it’s the original flier for Marney’s estate sale, back in 1992:

(With a few selective blur edits. The cropping on the right side, BTW, is my scanner’s fault, I swear.)

I can’t recall if it was mailed to me or I picked it up somewhere else. I do remember that I was aware of the sale ahead of time, but I wasn’t able to attend: I didn’t have the money, I couldn’t spare the time off work, and emotionally? I just wasn’t ready for it, either.

I had (still have!) a number of pieces that I had, directly or indirectly, purchased from Marney, so I had no pressing need to acquire more Rarities and Oddities. All the pieces I would have wanted to buy were clearly going to be out of my reach, or even not available at all (for a variety of reasons).

So it was probably for the best that I missed it.

The only thing I regret, in hindsight, is not pressing for the preservation of her papers. That only occurred to me after the fact; I was relieved to find out that some of it was saved – and some of it I eventually acquired.

But what was lost? That’s another thing I’d rather not torture myself over.

So anyway, as we make our way to our happy place, remember to be kind, keep yourself hydrated, and if you see a newbie in need, adopt them for the weekend.


Yvonne said...

I have this original flyer. Picked it up from Bentley Sales at Breyerfest the year of the sale. I drove all the way there from westernmost-central MN and will NEVER regret it! I purchased models there that I doubt I'd have in my collection to this day. Makes me proud to have a little bit of Marney in my collection. Still miss chatting with her over lunch at the Horse Park...

Corky said...

Wow, that's a piece of hobby history for sure! Please have a great time at Breyerfest, and travel safely!