Friday, April 22, 2016


There was a “contest” on the Breyer web site recently to make birthday cards for Queen Elizabeth:

Who, by the way, is totally one of us. A model horse collector, that is.

I can’t recall if I shared the story here or not – I did in one of my BreyerFest Samplers a few years back – but I accidentally met one of the Queen’s Ladies-in-Waiting at BreyerFest, who was there to pick up the Celebration Horse for her. I believe it was Grayingham Lucky Lad?

Anyway, it was a weird and wonderful moment for me, though a little unnerving. You didn’t go to BreyerFest – especially in the early days – and expect to find yourself confronted by questions of royal etiquette.

There was one other member of royalty who was also allegedly a Breyer collector, as well: Prince.

If you ever get a chance to watch the movie Purple Rain, take a close look at some of the scenery: there are Breyers in the background! There’s at least one music video that has a Breyer in it, too – a Buckskin Western Prancing Horse – but it wasn’t one of his videos per se, but of one of his protégés.

I remember watching it on MTV one day and freaking out about it, because to this day I still can’t find myself a decent Buckskin Western Prancing Horse, and Prince apparently gave his away to one of his paramours. Argh!

Anyway, it was something that was talked about back in the day; I remember being at one of the Model Horse Congresses I attended and the subject came up. The rumor was that hobbyists had tried to reach out and invite him to a local live show in Minnesota.

Goodness, could you have imagined if he had accepted?

I had the opportunity to look at some of the new 2016 releases first hand, finally, on Tuesday. While I’m not in a position to buy anything right now (and how!) it doesn’t cost a thing to just take a look, right?

One of those pieces was the Rock ‘N Roll Forever Horse, the Translucent Purple Decorator on the Classic Frolicking Quarter Horse:

It’s purple and covered in flamboyant decals and an image of a guitar. I looked at it and said to myself “This is totally Prince’s horse.” 

I think it’s a coincidence: I rather doubt Reeves would have known of this rather obscure bit of hobby trivia. The only celebrities they seem mention in their social media accounts, outside of the equine ones, are country music artists I’ve never heard of. (No offense, just not a fan of the more modern stuff.)

As soon as I can manage to scratch up the cash, though, I am bringing my “Purple Rain” home with me. And making a teeny-tiny raspberry beret for it.


Obsessed w/ Life said...

What video has the WPH in it? Now I'm curious. My email is :)

ANDREA said...

I can't remember! All I remember of the video is that there's a scene backstage and it's sitting on a vanity table with some makeup.

MTV has been playing Prince and Prince-affiliated videos all day, I'm sure they've probably run it once or twice by now.

Truson said...

Interesting! :)

J Mo said...

Very cool piece, although a little flamboyant for my tastes. I wonder how he might look without the decals. Would Lestoil do the job?