Monday, July 20, 2015

For Shaun and Roger

BreyerFest took a lot out of me this year. It's going to take me the better part of the week to deal with some of the fallout, especially what happened on Saturday.

But rather than dwell on that today, let's focus on the one thing that went off almost flawlessly, which was the only thing that mattered in the end: the wedding.

Since so many of you couldn't attend because of all the usual commitments that BreyerFest foists on us, here's the text of the ceremony I wrote:

I'd like to welcome everyone to Shaun and Roger's wedding. We are all so glad you came - friends, family and BreyerFest attendees alike. 

Even though we may not know some of you, we consider all of you a part of our extended family.

This is also what draws us to the Horse Park for BreyerFest every year. We come not just to engage in the hobby that gives us so much joy, but to spend time with our loved ones: human and equine, near and far, familiar and new.

If feels like the biggest and best family reunion in the world. In spite of the heat, humidity, long lines, skunks and ninjas, there's really no other place we would rather be in July.

I am so honored to be able to consecrate an even more special bond within our happy little community.

I know how hard it is to find a good partner - it took me years to find someone like Shaun to be one of my BreyerFest roommates and partners-in-crime. So when she asked for someone to officiate this wedding, I could think of no greater gift to them.

I remember when the topic of bringing Roger to BreyerFest as an additional roommate was brought up. I was initially apprehensive because surely he couldn't be as awesome as Shaun said he was. I was never so happy to be proven wrong.

I am so happy to do this now for the two of you.

I have been asked to keep it short and sweet, and I hope I have. 

Shaun and Roger will now say their vows.

And so on.

(Though I'll be doing multiple posts this week to make up for last week's shortfall, this one should be up for a couple of days, at least.)


Susan said...

That is so beautiful, Andrea. I wish I had been able to attend.. Shaun and Roger truly are wonderful people, and I wish them many years of happiness. <3

LostInAn80sFog said...

Brought tears to my eyes.

Corky said...

Sounds perfectly awesome--I'm sorry to have missed it! Congratulations to Shaun and Roger!