Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whatever Will Be

As I was culling my way through some boxes over the weekend (the parts where I wasn’t asleep. Nasty little head cold!) I came across the Proud Arabian Stallion Kalico, a 1999 Show Special Run who I thought was especially pretty when I bought him.

And I still do, because he survived the cull. There’s something about the combination of Tobiano Pinto on the Proud Arabian Stallion mold that seems to work for me; I also am rather fond of the 2009 Volunteer Special After Party. I think the pinto patterning on both of them breaks up the mold visually, and makes him look a little less like the large side of beef he sometimes comes across as, especially in darker and less carefully shaded colors.

Even though he’s one of the less desirable Volunteer Specials, After Party’s price is still a bit too high for my budget.

I am going to assume the same situation will apply to this year’s Saturday Raffle piece, too, another Tobiano Pinto PAS, named Que Sera Sera. Ooh look, mapping!

Because even though it is a Proud Arabian Stallion, it’s still a Raffle Model, and there are enough Proud Arabian Stallion fans out there to make winning difficult, and reselling profitable and not too painless for less interested winners. My Kalico wouldn’t mind a long-term visit from his French cousin (Toile?), but alas, he’d have to fly coach.

Interest in the mold does seem to be on the upswing, which I attribute to partly to the upswing in "vintage" molds in general, to some rather nice recent Auction pieces (remember that beautiful Gloss Black Appaloosa?) and the last Exclusive Event rarity, the Gloss Chestnut Beignet.

As always, a nice paint job can cure a lot of ills. (Though not my cold. Probably.)

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