Friday, October 31, 2014

Love, Love, Love?

First they promised us the G1 Draft Horse as the Gift Stablemate for the 2014 Vintage Club. That was easy to rationalize: all the Warehouse finds were from previously molded - and warehoused - bodies. You can fit hundreds of Stablemates in a single storage drum, easy-peasy.

Then they offered us Cosette - the Classic Arabian Mare in Chestnut Pinto. Another Hagen-Renaker mold. An apparently open-ended run, too - though limited to two per customer - but still available on the Breyer web site as of my writing this. Well, maybe that one could have been warehoused too, but I was beginning to have my doubts.

Then they sent us a picture of the cover of the soon-to-be-mailed Just About Horses Annual:

Ooh, a new chestnut Carrick! The Zodiac Collection that they hinted at a while back? I’m cool with that. Fan-niversary - is that what they’re calling the next Exclusive Event, or is it just another themed anniversary promotion? Interesting; whatever it is, I hope the Western Horse is involved. The Maureen Love Story

Whoa, wait a minute. Does that mean what we think it means? 

Then we received notice about the offerings for next year’s Vintage Club:

Oh Good Heavens, a Gloss Palomino Pinto Proud Arabian Mare? I suppose we’ll all find out in a few weeks, as the Annuals make their way out into the world, the circumstances behind the return of the Hagen-Renaker molds. For now, or for good?

Rats, just when I thought it was safe to start upgrading my Proud Arabians!

While everyone is squealing in delight over the Proud Arabian Mare’s return, the model that made me melt into a puddle was the Quarter Horse Gelding. In Black Splash Spot Leopard Appaloosa, like the Western Prancing Horse? Oh, goodness.

The full lineup, in case you haven't heard:
  • Black Splash Spot Leopard Quarter Horse Gelding
  • Gloss Red Bay Pinto 4-eyed Misty and Stormy
  • Gambler’s Choice Decorator Running Stallions
  • Gloss Palomino Pinto Proud Arabian Mare - Yellow Mount pattern
  • Bonus Model: Dark Dapple Gray Loose Mane Cleveland Bay, aka "Murphy"
  • Gift Stablemate: Gloss Alabaster G3 Rearing Andalusian
Interesting that they’re doing a Gambler’s Choice on the Running Stallion; presumably for the benefit of those lucky ones among us who have vintage Running Mares and Foals in need of a match. I thought they'd go with a Gloss/Matte Gambler's Choice first, since there was precedent for that back in the 1960s and 1970s, when they transitioned from mostly Gloss to mostly Matte finishes.

So signing up for the Vintage Club this coming year gets you a rare and lovely PAM, and a super-scarce (125 piece) Decorator? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

There goes my hard-earned Paypal balance.


Anonymous said...

A glossy palomino pinto PAM in the Yellow Mount's pattern no less!

It's probably wishful thinking, but if they are reintroducing the Love molds, I hope Breyer adds even more of them to the line. I mean molds we haven't seen yet, like Crusdader, or Lippit, or Roan Lady.

Would be so cool!

ANDREA said...

Roan Lady, yes! And Brookside Stella! And the Shetland Pony Family!

Time to list more stuff on MHSP, I guess...

Bellinilane said...

Oh no, another Rearing Andalusian that I will need to add to my conga!