Saturday, September 20, 2014

Time to Revise My Grail List

Instead of kvetching about the timing of another new release that I want that I can’t buy right now (the Warehouse Find Chestnut Western Prancing Horse) I will instead sigh wistfully over a model I never knew I wanted, and that I know I will never have:

A Proud Arabian Mare painted almost identically to the Splash Spot Leopard Appaloosa Western Prancing Horse. Oh, you beautiful creature you!

This photo is from another one of Marney Walerius’s photo albums, a recent acquisition for the archives. There’s no identification material on the back of the photo, and it’s unlike most of the others in the album in terms of style, size and focus. So who or what it is, is a mystery.

My initial reaction was that it might not even be Original Finish at all - an early BHR Repaint, perhaps - but the photo was found in an album that consists entirely of Original Finish Breyers. Marney must have believed (or known) it to be OF as well.

While it’s possible that they could have used an Old Mold Mare body to test a paint job for the Western Prancer - the Mare was discontinued ca. 1960, the WPH introduced ca. 1962 - it seems more likely to me that it’d be a Test of the Proud Arabian Mare rather than the Old Mold Mare.

First of all, there are a number of photos of other actual Test Colors of the PAM in another of Marney’s  albums, while Old Mold Mare Tests (and variations) are exceedingly rare. Second, there’s the matter of timing: the PAM was introduced in 1971/2, and the Appaloosa WPH was in production through 1973. 

Where this model is now is also a mystery, but that can be said for many of the models contained in these albums. A number of the Tests in these albums have turned up over the years - and I even managed to identify one I had purchased myself, recently. So I am not completely without hope.

Just without room in the budget. Darn you, car payments and doctor bills!


LostInAn80sFog said...

Am I crazy for thinking she almost looks like a freckle roan with black mane and tail? (Are those spots black or brown? On my monitor they look the latter but that doesn't mean much). Whatever her origins, I hope she's still being loved in a hobby home rather than having been consigned to a thrift store or worse.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the album? Did Marney have quite a few albums, or just the one?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, too. Who has possession of her albums and how many of them are there? I think a lot of collector's would really be interested to see all the pictures/photos and information contained in these albums. A book published would be a great idea...after all these albums should be shared by all and not just a few people.

Corky said...

She looks like an old-style freckled red roan to me too at first glance, but then again, consider the color of the background drape, and the black mane and tail, and the lighting might not be all that good either. Whatever color she is, she's spectacular!