Thursday, June 5, 2014

Had to Laugh

So I’m down in the basement yesterday, scanning and recreating some Breyer logos and stuff, mostly for illustrative purposes - and because it keeps my Illustrator skills sharp.

(Just to make it extra clear: for educational use and for fun. They don't go on anything I can sell.)

Plus it’s kind of an interesting design challenge in and of itself. By recreating the logos, sometimes you find little clues about the thinking that went into the design.

I’m recreating the most recent logo - the "blue pill", I like to call it - and I’m poking around for the matching typeface, or something close enough to tweak into shape.

When I found the match, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

It’s Stone Sans Serif, Semi-Bold.

Stone? Really?

Good graphic designers know that research is as important - if not moreso - as your technical skills, especially when it comes to brand or corporate identity projects. The more you know about a company or brand, the thinking is, the better able to are to capture its essence in a logo.

I am 99.95% sure that the person or persons involved in the logo redesign didn’t know anything about Peter Stone; Reeves has done a pretty good job of disappearing him from their version of Breyer History.

Someone who only has a passing interest or knowledge of Breyers or the Hobby - and who most likely wasn’t around in the Signing Party heydays of the 1980s and 1990, either - isn’t going to know about him. Heck, even many newer hobbyists think that Peter was just some guy who worked for Breyer for a while.

Yeah, only for the first fifty or so years of his life.

So anyway, I had a good giggle fit over that for about 15 minutes, imagining the tiny possibility that it might not be a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

So, would you mind doing an article on Breyer/Peter Stone history? I hear so many different stories, I would love to know how it really happened. Thanks!

LazyShamrock said...

I remember talking to a friend who worked for Breyer in NJ years ago and told me that the dropped "y" in the logo was to draw they eye towards it. I don't know how good this is in theory because at the time I looked for anything with Breyer on if for the contents, not the logo!!!