Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Shermans, Past and Present

Felt a bit weepy earlier this week, but in a good way: I got a letter from the organization that I donated Sherman (my late car, the Saturn Station Wagon) to, and they ended up selling him already, and for way more than I expected. Aside from the bigger tax credit, which is nice, it was good to hear that someone saw that much potential in him.

Have a happy second life, Sherman.

Another Sherman entered the scene this week - the Silver Filigree one just announced as part of the SR lineup for BreyerFest. I’m not as into the Sherman Morgan mold as some hobbyists are, but he looks fabulous in that color, and I still don’t have an example of the mold with the newer tail yet.

I did find myself inexplicably drawn to a Rose Gray Baxter I found on eBay last week while shopping for something else. I wouldn’t mind the Gloss Bay QVC release, either, but I’m always either just missing him or getting sniped.

While I’m glad to see their photography skills are improving, is it just me or is that not the worst Photoshop clipping path, ever? I thought the Warehouse Find Chestnut Halla/Bolya picture looked bad: poor Shermie looks like he’s melting.

I can do better in five minutes with a ten-year-old copy of Photoshop and a cludgy mouse (Drawing tablet and stylus? Feh, for amateurs!) As could a substantial portion of the hobby, and possibly Vita. Baby steps, I suppose.

So I pulled the trigger and bought the second ticket. My first choices will be Gossamer, Sherman, and at least one Surprise. Second choices will include the Bears and the Appaloosa Carrick. There’s still one more Line Ticket item to be revealed, and the Surprise potentially being something I’d rather not deal with (cough Silver mold cough) so it could change.

(Not the Gossamer though. That one’s non-negotiable.)

Some of the Anniversary store items are starting to be leaked, too - the Plushie, the Crystal Alborozo, a Decoratory "new" Classic that basically a plastic version of the Sir Buckingham mold, and a Pink G3 Highland Pony covered in sprinkles that I Must Have. (A Cupcake, with sprinkles! Gah!)

There’s another obvious thing for you: individual Stablemate Store Specials. They could make at least a thousand of those, and sell ‘em out. I could see it as a good item for tourists passing through the Park on actual vacation who might want to get their kids a little memento of the event, without committing to something bigger or more expensive.

Not realizing, of course, that Stablemates multiply, and grow, and the next thing they know the family’s computer has some strange new bookmarks and there are printouts of the newest Web Specials just sort of sitting casually on the kitchen table in the morning, and….

Stablemates are the hobby's gateway drug. So cute, so little, so seemingly harmless.


RowanMorgaine said...

I love the Sherman. And Birthday Cake. And Bonne Fete. And Gossamer. And Champagne Toast. And Champagne Wishes. And probably the Surprise Horses. And probably the one day ticket Stablemates. And I'm not even going to Breyefest. :(

Truson said...

I think the SRs for 2014 were The BestEver!