Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Justify My Love

Work got out unexpectedly early yesterday, so I spent most of the day puttering around the house in my pajamas, attending to all the odd bits of business that came up last week, including organizing the family garage sale. (Labor Day/Peach Festival weekend, if you’re interested. Model horse stuff available by privately, if you’re in town/need a fix/escaping your family.)

The flea market was a quiet one this week: just an Action Stock Horse Foal body and a nice piece of Aquarium Furniture (it’s a bubbler, too!) I momentarily considered buying a very large and somewhat disturbing outdoor Christmas display: a child-sized sled being pulled by something that vaguely looked like a pony, made out of (I think) random pieces of horsehide.

Yes, it is just as freaky as your imagination is making it. (How much you want to offer if it reappears next week, T?)

In other news, I got picked for a Glossy Lucy. Yay! I hadn’t been picked for many/any drawings lately. So, awesome.

Next up on the photo shoot is this lovely Sample Marwari:

The only significant difference I see between the Sample and the Production model (aside from the lack of a VIN number) is the finish: the Production pieces have the opaque, Semi-Chalky finish Reeves has become very fond of, while this beautiful creature has the standard Semi-Translucent finish we’re more familiar with. It’s hard to detect in photos - especially mine - but it is quite apparent in person.

I had been intending to buy a Marwari at BreyerFest anyway - our local supply has already been heavily picked over - so I was delighted to find this one in the Sample boxes. Some of the Production pieces have more pronounced dappling, but this one’s dapples are more subtle. (Just a notation, not a complaint. I had no preference in that matter.)

I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the more I see him, the more I like him.

That is probably not the coolest thing to say right now.

As is the current fashion nowadays, I’m supposed to justify my opinion with documentation and proof and stuff. Which I suppose I could do, if I were to show him, but I’ve also just finished reading all those showing/judging/let’s-fix-it-all-good-this-time discussions making the round of the model horse Internet the past few weeks.

I think my horses will be more the stay-at-home types until this latest round of introspection passes. I do think something needs to be done to "fix" some of the perceived problems, but it's not what you might think I think.

Just a few more Fest finds to spotlight, before we return to our usual fare.


Anonymous said...

Any of the mid year releases at Fest? How are they looking? :)

Julie said...

One thing that hobbyist keep forgetting about is; most of the time collectiblity will place higher than a "correct " model. Even in cases were there are separate classes for breed and collectibility. A raffle model on a "terrible" Arabian will place higher than an RR "perfect" Arabian. But that's a whole 'mother rant. What happened to just having fun and enjoying the experience?