Friday, April 12, 2013

Dinged and Scuffed

I took the Vita Monster for a walk earlier this afternoon, and we had an incident at the park with a bird that left me with two extremely scuffed and bloodied knees. So I’m now hobbling around the house in a moderate bit of pain. It’s not quite bad enough for hospitalization, but it’s bad enough that I don’t plan on leaving the house - and possibly, this chair - for the rest of the evening.

I don’t have to go back to work until Sunday afternoon, so no work will be lost. I did lose my favorite pair of jeans in the incident, though. (Not literally - they’re just unwearable now.)

So it’s just some housekeeping today.

I was stupid and procrastinated, so there is also no live show for me this weekend. To compensate, I took some of my frustration out on my body box. It’s also serving as an outlet for my archiving woes: I've been attempting to archive some of my recently acquired ephemera, but it’s going dreadfully slow. Props to the librarians and historians who actually do that work for a living, and not (only) for fun. You guys rock.

Someone has noticed the Modernistic Buck in the recent post about the Mules. I do plan on (someday, soon, I hope) rewriting and serializing the article about the Modernistic Buck and Doe that I did for my Sampler a few years back. It’s definitely the kind of information that needs to be here, especially now that Reeves is sending out a copy of the Buck and Doe’s "catalog" page as one of the Vintage Club extras.

I haven’t gotten mine yet, so I don’t know if it’s the one I already have in my collection, or something altogether different. The "no reproducing this on pain of death" disclaimer that was on the last ephemera freebie is also supposedly printed on it, so that might present some interesting legal issues if it is one of the same images I used in the article.

Speaking of Vintage Club business, it looks like I might be returning my Halo. Everything is awesome about him, except for one thing: they forgot to paint his eyeballs. I’m just as big a fan of variations as the rest of you, but frankly, his Zombie Death Stare is starting to weird me out. Maybe if I ask real nice they’ll throw in some eyewhites for free? The original APH didn’t have them, but the original releases of the APH were also (mostly) Chalky, and the Halo is not.

It’s only flaw I can see in him, which is a nutpicky one at best. Other than the Zombie Death Stare. (Hmm. Though that could work for a name...)

I’ll finish up with the APH stuff next time, when I’m able to bend at the knees again.

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