Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Right Place, Right Time

What a strange day that was.

On the way home from work in the morning, I had to make a split-second decision: faster, or shorter? If I took the freeway, I’d get home sooner, but if I took the shortcut, I’d save about five miles. I turned left, and took the shorter route.

It should have been an inconsequential decision, one that we make by the dozens every day. But it turned out to be a huge one that left me rather…well, you’ll see.

A few miles down the road I took, a flurry of official vehicles flew by: cop cars, fire trucks, emergency vehicles. I turned on the radio to listen to the traffic report, and before the sounds of the last siren had faded, I found out that the section of freeway that I would have been on had I taken the faster route was completely shut down due to a roll-over accident.

I was relieved that I had - by sheer luck - missed being in a very bad accident, or at the very least stuck in traffic for hours. Then I felt bad for feeling happy that I had avoided the situation, when clearly someone else had not. And then I started feeling anxious imagining what would have happened if I had taken the freeway instead.

Suddenly, my "slightly shorter" drive became very, very long.

I somehow managed to make it home without incident, almost in time for lunch. I decided to hop on the computer for the few minutes lunch was still baking in the oven, and I logged onto Blab to check up on the latest crises, only to see…

Another "Buried Treasure" type Special Run on the Breyer web site? An albino Moose named Ghost? Holy goldfish!

I clicked on the link, completely expecting the item to be sold out by then: it had been at least an hour and a half since the first post had been made in the discussion thread, and it was not a short one, either. Kind of a bummer, but if I could at least get a screen shot for my records, I’d be okay with that.

Wait - they were still available?


I go upstairs to have lunch and discuss my drive home, with my family. (Except the dog, who is at the doggy beauty salon getting her hair and nails done. Hence the late lunch/early dinner.)

Then I go back downstairs to confirm that what just happened just happened. And it did.

I was extremely lucky yesterday. There really is no other explanation for it.

I have to admit, though, that I’m feeling some ambivalence about buying the Moose, now. It almost feels like I’m celebrating not being in an accident, and that doesn’t feel quite right.

More in a couple days, when the stupor finally dissipates.


englishspot2003 said...

I've had moments like that where I narrowly avoided being in an accident. I was leaving for an overnight rabbit show weekend once and I forgot a couple things, so I turned around to get them. Had I just gone on, I would have been very close or been in an accident. Sometimes things happen for a reason. So glad you made that decision to take the shortcut!

Evelyn L. said...

Don't let the thought of what might "almost" have been spoil your lucky day. You are NOT celebrating some else's misfortune!

Believe that you were meant to get that Moose! That's all - Enjoy him!!

Julie said...

Gald to hear you got the moose. :) also happy to hear you didn't get hurt. Don't let "what ifs" distract you.

bubbasmom said...

Oh, bummer. Missed out on yet another one. I just can't seem to remember to log into the Breyer site every stinkin' day. LOLOL

Anonymous said...

Can you please admit that Blab serves a purpose, instead of always complaining about "those people"? In the same sentence where you talk about seeing the thread, you admit you were logging in to see what the latest crisis was. Really??

You would not have known about the moose being for sale if several awesome blabbers hadn't made a thread and been talking about it. You have Blab to thank for your awesome purchase.

SOME hobby people *COUGH* like to hoard secrets and special opportunities for themselves. On Blab, it's a race to see who can share the good news first. Isn't that worth something?

Anonymous said...

What is with all the Blab bashing on this blog, seriously?