Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mystery Date

I just got back from my little road trip. ‘Twas just as awesome as I had hoped.

I can’t tell y’all anything about it just yet. It’s a busy week in the hobby anyway, with the California thing, the Web Special thing, and the Lionheart thing, so I’m sure you’ll find plenty enough to keep yourselves entertained in the meantime.

However, in the spirit of Breyer’s sneak peaks, I’ll give you a teeny-tiny taste of what’s to come:



Highadventure said...

You DOG, you.
Can't wait to hear how you sniffed your way into what looks like a VERY lucrative model-ish SCORE.
AND....if you happen to be in the market to SELL any of those pretty blue and/or gold just LET ME KNOW!!

peach17 said...

Looks cool! Cant wait to see!!!