Friday, September 7, 2012

Little Bits and Pieces

This is going to be another short one today, folks. I just got caught up in an extremely interesting - and rather involving - model horse matter that’s been sucking up all of my free time over the past couple of days.

(For a number of different reasons, I cannot share any details about it right now. Trust me, though, it’ll be worth the wait.)

The box lot that I got this week was fun! I haven’t completely finished processing it yet, due to the matter above. Another one of the problems I’m encountering is that I thought I’d only be keeping maybe three or four items out of the lot, but that number has now grown to six or seven. (Of course!)

The primary reason I bought the lot is because I’m now going through another one of my Little Bits phases, and the lot had a few that I didn’t, including this lovely little "Rose Chestnut" Morgan, from the Christmas 1989 Parade of Breeds Set:

I do have a complete 1989 set, but it came with a regular run #9050 Light Flaxen Chestnut/Dark Palomino Morgan, rather than the Rose Chestnut one. Those sort of substitutions were not an uncommon thing back then, though it’s unclear in this case if it was accidental or intentional. 

I’m particularly interested in the Little Bits packaging, especially the early carded items. They went through a number of subtle changes over the years, and darn it, I need to figure that chronology out.

Carded Little Bits were also high on my BreyerFest buy list this year, but like the Yellow Mount, I never really got around to seriously looking for them. There were a couple of carded pieces in the lot, but I still have a number of pieces to acquire before I can draw any conclusions.

I can say, though, that I find Richard Lewis’s line art for the Little Bit Unicorn oddly adorable:

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GWR said...

Aren't OFs fun? Can't wait to see more.