Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Random Pictures

My experience over the past three days has convinced me that creativity is just frustration leaving the body.

It wouldn’t be so bad if that creative energy was more focused. One day I’m working on quilts, the next I’m baking cookies, then the day after that I’m taking pictures and writing up descriptions for eBay listings.

Today I’m prepping the leftover/broken/unwanted bodies in my body box. Because I know what it’s like to not be wanted. (TMI, and not entirely true: the job did want me for the weekend, but it was a last-minute gig, and other plans had already been made.)

But ironically, I’m not in a mood to write a blog post today. Go figure. I’ve got plenty to talk about, but sitting down and actually composing my thoughts isn’t as much fun as drilling holes in things.

Rather than leave you all totally bereft, here are a couple more pictures of Ninja Pit finds, instead. First up, a Sample of the 2009 Surprise Quarter Horse Geldings, in Dunalino:

The handwriting on his belly indicates that this particular version was "rejected", but since I do not have the corresponding Production piece, I couldn’t tell you what for. One of my roommates said he seemed a bit on the "greenish" side, and that could be it. It’s not an uncommon issue when you’re working in the buckskin/dun/sooty range of colors: yellow + black = sometimes green.

I heard that the two other Surprise QH Geldings also showed up in the Sample boxes, but I was happy just to get the one of the three I didn’t already have. For some strange reason, I have the hardest time acquiring anything Breyer slaps a Dunalino paint job on.

(I completely missed getting a Music City Zippo, for instance, because I just happened to take a much-needed nap five minutes before they went on sale on the Internet. An hour and a half later, I get up, get back on the computer, and proceed to get very mad at myself when I find a half dozen Music Cities for sale on MH$P. Grr!)

Next up is my Western Elegance Zippo Pine Bar, who is drop-dead gorgeous, with some factory handpainted mapping and touch ups. His tag reads: "Western Elegance horse as-is". This is hilarious to me, since other than a slightly scraped (and easily fixed) ear, he’s almost perfect.

I had been eyeing the discounted Western Elegance sets they’ve had in the Pit the past couple of years. I really like Zippo, and the set itself is pretty scarce - like, within the Connoisseur/Web Special range - so the price they were asking was more than reasonable. Cheapskate me just couldn’t justify it, though. 

And now I have the Sample, at a fraction of that price! Woot! His show name, if I ever get around to live showing again, will be "As-Is". That’s what his tag says, right?

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